Sunday, November 16, 2008


My son arrived this past Monday and ever since then we've been busy talking and laughing.

He is enjoying the beautiful California weather we've been's almost perfect right now. Every afternoon he spends a couple of hours out in the backyard just soaking up the sun. Right now in the town where he lives in Alaska the highs and lows for the day are only a couple of degrees different and they're in the mid 30's with a combination of rain and snow!! So to say things are a little better here is quite an understatement!

We haven't done anything special yet....just visiting and catching up. But I'm sure this next week we'll get out and start doing some fun things. It's just nice to have him here.

Still no new camera but I haven't been out looking for one. That's on my list for next week, too.

Actually nothing much is going on. I did a little drawing in my moleskine the other day but that's the first art I've done in a long time....

I'm trying to use any spare time I get to visit your blogs so you'll see me sooner or later.


I just learned about a fabulous giveaway on Debra's blog. It's a blog I learned about from Kate. Debra is giving away a beautiful journal that she made. If you like journals go check it out.


  1. So glad your son is home with you for a nice visit...

    Love the drawing...glad to see one again on your blog...

  2. How nice of you to order perfect weather for your son! I'm sure you are enjoying his company very much. Who would want to do anything else but sit and laugh? I love your drawing! It reminds me of scarves. I just bought me a new one this weekend and the weather turned a little nippy down here! xo

  3. Glad your son is there. Have a lovely visit!
    I'm off to visit the journal post!

  4. I finally got a moleskin journal. I know just what your son is doing. When we lived in AK and went to Hawaii for R&R that is what we did. It must feel wonderful!

    I know you'll have a great time!

  5. The most important thing right now is to enjoy your son. I'm glad you're having such a great time. I love what you are working on too!


  6. That sounds like a great time.

  7. My son Cory was in the Army...he was stationed in Alaska for 4 years. He too was happy to feel the Idaho sun when he got home.
    Your drawing is so interesting, I get lost in everyone of these that you do.
    I will be busy from now till after the is the season.
    Big Hugs, Mary

  8. Enjoy your time with your son Janet :D How wonderful!

  9. I know your really enjoying being with your son. And I am sure he does appreciate that warm weather after leaving a cold Alaska. My hubby lived in Alaska for a year and said it is beautiful but very cold.
    I Love your drawing too! Visit when you can,,,I Miss You!

  10. Oh, Janet, it makes me smile to know you and your son are together! That's lovely! Nice drawing, too!

  11. It looks like scarves blowing in the wind. Maybe they're on display at a classy art festival or at an open air market in Marrakesh. Lovely.

  12. It's great that you are spending quality time with your son, Janet.

    I love your drawing too. :)


  13. enjoy your time togther Janet!

  14. Hi Janet, thank you for your sweet thoughts for my son. I hope you & your son have a great visit. You need that new camara so you can post a photo of your son! Can't wait to see him! Hugs***Renea

  15. Thirties - yikes! Glad we've got good weather here for his visit. You must be having a blast, having him home. Enjoy!

  16. It's wonderful that you enjoying your son's company this way, Janet! This is precious. Blog at your own pace, and carp diem! :o)

    Kisses from Nydia.

  17. So nice you're having a good visit. I love the drawing. It would make a lovely scarf! I envy you your weather. it snowed here last night. It DOES NOT snow in November here. Until now. Very light dusting, but still.

  18. I love your drawings. Then I love them more when you add a little hint of colour.
    Hope you are well, and staying away from those fires.

  19. Hi Janet, so glad your son made it and is warming up in the sun. Hope you have a wonderful time visiting.
    Your drawing looks like the Japanese noshi ribbons. They are traditionally used for wrapping things in fabric. Wrapping gifts is very important in Japanese culture-as important as the gift itself.
    Thinking of you!

  20. Love the new piece for the moleskin !

    Hey lucky you having your son finally arrive.

    oh yes ! he is the lucky one , having such great weather here in November and HIS mother's love to basque in !

    You know why I came over ! I saw your new profile picture and it's sooo pretty. I had to come right over from Nora's and tell you so.

    Did you seeee her piece in Cloth Paper Scissors ? The Tea Sisters ? I just saw it at the bookstore and my jaw hit the floor. Beautiful !

    Happy for your reunion with your son. What a nice time for the holidays it will be for you !

    x- S.

  21. Hope you are having fun with the family, and thanks for the What I've done, interesting. I also had a go at it

  22. Janet O! my gosh! I have found you again I was simply thinking about friends the other day and felt were is she!!! I had lost you when I changed my blog (should have known that would happen) anyway I went through my old posts until your name happily came up and well..... here I am.

    I see your art is still stunning and that life is happy for you with your son visiting from Alaska.....good its nice to see family after a long separation. blessings to you always my friend Lee-ann

  23. Enjoy your son. So glad you have him with you.

  24. You sound so happy Janet---enjoy the good times my friend.

  25. Hi Janet!
    I know you are enjoying your son's company. I dread the day mine leave me..although the house will be easier to keep clean. LOL
    Love your drawing as you!
    Have fun camera shopping too!

  26. Hi Janet, just dropping in to say Hi. I haven't been around for 3 months. it felt like a lot longer than that. Glad to hear your enjoying your visit with your son. I'll be going to Phoenix to see my daughter for Christmas. can't wait.
    Wishing you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!

  27. Janet, I hope your time with yor son is absolutely wonderful! I get to see my two big guys Thursday, and I can't wait. I have a little "prize" for you over on my blog because you're one of the friends I'm thankful for.

    Happy T-Day and love,

  28. Janet, I just love your zentangle type drawings! These are so fascinating and you have such an accurate hand!! I know this is an old post....but I just had to let you know! Bye for now :D


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