Saturday, December 20, 2008

Being Graceful is an Art....

Being graceful has never been one of my strong suits. Many times I think something got left out when I was "made" because I have no physical co-ordination and usually think I've really accomplished something when I can walk and chew gum at the same time!!

Yesterday I was looking through the cabinets to see what ingredients I had on hand to make cookies and what I needed to add to the grocery list. Most of the cabinets in our kitchen are too high for me to use without some help.

I pulled a chair over to stand on and that's when the fun began! My son was sitting at the table using his laptop and I was happily going through the cabinets....until I decided to get down.

Like a dummy I had placed the chair with the back behind me so when I went to step down I got caught in the back of the chair. My son said it was terrible watching me because he couldn't get to me in all happened so fast....although it seemed to be in slow motion.

He said my head just missed the granite countertop by a hair! At first I thought everything was ok. I could move every part of my body and nothing hurt but as the day went on my wrist became very sore and I had very little strength in it. So here's the result of all that....

It seems to be a bad strain so mostly I need to not use it too much. No problem!! I just have cookies to bake and lots of crochet to finish before Christmas!! Wonder how fast I can teach my son to crochet????

PS - this post took forever because I'm typing with one hand!


  1. I'm so happy that it isn't worse than that. Wow Janet, I knew we had a lot in common. Roger affectionately calls me "Gracie" for years now since whatever can go wrong most likely will involve bumbling on my part.
    Hope you heal really soon. Sending you big hugs from the east.

  2. Sending you lots of Reiki healing vibes, Janet!! And thanks for taking the time to one-handed-ly blog for us :) Miracles, k-

  3. Aloha Janet..
    I don't know whether to hug you or giggle with you..
    I can SOOOOOOO relate to this sort of thing!!
    Well, I'm very happy that you're OK and that you will get a little rest for Christmas.. healing n love..
    PEace,Kai xx

  4. OH, that looks painful! I'm so glad it wasn't worse. You were very, very lucky.

    I hope you heal quickly. Take good care of yourself!


  5. Anonymous8:45 AM

    OH NO!!! I hope you can carry on at least a little's to feelling better really fast!!

  6. I guess this is where we count our blessings that our friend Janetnonly strained her wrist and didn't hit yopur head or breal a leg or hurt your back.

    I always type with 2 pencil's erasur tips (carpal tunnel fingers) so I appreciate the one handed typing. But I have no help for crocheting with one hand. Other than maybe a card with a left hand written note that says "IOU"

    Glad you are sorta OK Janet.

  7. You seem to be less graceful of late. I have a friend who lives alone (her hubby died years ago) and has high ceilings, like two stories high! She has made it a practice never to go up onto a ladder until she has called a near by friend who waits for her to call back in a few designated minutes. That way if she falls, someone knows about it and can get help. You might want to do something similar?!

  8. Oh, Janet, I am so sorry to see that you got hurt. Good wishes are going to you - take care - and just let the guys wait on you during the holidays...

  9. Oh my, that is something I would do!!! Hope it heals fast and hope your son learns how to crochet better than I did! LOL
    Have a Merry Christmas Janet!!! Stay safe!

  10. OUCH Janet what more can I say other than have a Happy Christmas and a safe New Yew --oh and I hope it heals real soon.

  11. As I was reading your post I just kept thinking 'oh no, oh no'... glad it wasn't any worse, Janet. Very frustrating for you though,to not be able to do those things, but I'm sure you'll be getting lots of help from your family the next few days leading up to xmas :D

    Hope you have a quick recovery!

  12. Oh, you poor darling. I hope you'll heal up quickly! I'm so sorry.

    Thank you for the warm wishes (one hand an all) on my latest post. You are so sweet, Janet. I love seeing all your gorgeous snowy pictures below. They are so pretty.

    Have a wonderful holiday.


  13. Wow! I'm glad you're OK! I've done something similar to that before.

    Our hands look very similar, for different reasons! I tried to cut mine off last night! I was going to make cookies this weekend too... not going to happen!

    Take care of yourself - and BE careful!

  14. Oh no, feel better!

  15. Ooh I sympathize with you... sending a little healing energy your way...
    and a hug too.


  16. Janet, I am so sorry to hear that you are laid up during the holidays. Last Christmas was when my carpal tunnel syndrome was so bad. It's hard not to have your hands/hand!

    My former supervisor had the same accident you did - falling off a kitchen chair while looking through cabinets. She ended up with a broken foot and had to use crutches and a wheelchair. So I guess it could have been worse than a sprain. Heal quickly! Have hub and son wait on you hand and foot. LOL!

  17. Oh noooo! Girl, I am so glad it was not worse.Here are healing vibes)))))) I am sending you!

  18. Oh dear! You are lucky. Poor you!!! I fell off a step ladder a couple of years ago. Hit the wood panellling with my head and put a DENT in it! I did indeed see birdies flying above me. All I could think of "I hope no one saw me fall!" as I was right in front of the front window! tehe. I think I still have a sore spot! Hope your hand heals quickly. xoxo

  19. Oh my goodness Janet....doesn't matter if you were a star athlete...when we become a certain age it seems our equilibrium is a bit off...NO way you should have been on a chair....I am not as steady as I used to be.... I refuse to get up on a chair...a recipe for disaster....there are a few lights need changing to energy efficient ones...they have to wait until a young person comes by! So sorry you hurt your wrist....I hear you about the crochet ..I am faster than I even thought possible as the date nears!

    Hugs Sherrie

  20. O! Your poor son!!! That had to be pretty awful to seeeeeeeeee!!! Phew! Janet! Please heal and take care and here is a big gentle HUG!((((((Janet))))) and one for your son(((((Janet's son)))))

  21. Janet
    So sorry to hear about that! Yikes!!!
    Heal soon. Finish what you can, the rest can wait. Right?
    Have A most merry Christmas!!!

  22. OH NO!!! I am so sorry that happened!
    I can absolutely relate as I can easily trip over a chalk line...seriously I wasn't called Calamity Jane growing up for nothing.
    I feel so bad for you - this may mean you are now going to have to assign duties. :)
    You amazed me you got that post out with one hand!
    Take care of yourself and have a most wonderful holiday!!
    p.s. I have been horrid about commenting of's nearly midnight and decided to click on yours before shutting down. Maybe I sensed something....?

  23. Uhhh, do you need Santa to bring you a STEP STOOL for Christmas ?
    I is so much quicker to grab whatever is close by.It's been a few years since I last fell off of a chair, I even used one that swiveled, How smart is that?
    So let M. make the cookies, he might have fun! Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS anyway.....hugs and get well quick wishes.

  24. Oh Janet! The part about your head missing the granite scared me. You too, I'm sure. I hope your wrist heals faster than you expect it to. Big hugs. xo

  25. Oh, Janet -- how awful, and right at the holidays. I'm glad it wasn't worse, but I'm sure it's no fun and hurts like crazy.

    Big holiday hugs and get well wishes coming your way.

  26. So sorry that you had a fall, but glad you are okay. Hope you are not to sore! Thanks for the sweet comments about my new Granddaughter. She is so precious. Hope you have a MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hugs***Renea

  27. Kisses to your boo boo dear Janet!
    Hope it heals soon.

  28. Janet, you poor thing! I'm so sorry you hurt yourself, and just when you were all cozy and snug with your family. The pictures of your winter wonderland and tales of soup and a new laptop just warmed my Christmas soul and made me wish I were right there with you all in your warm kitchen. Christmas joy and healing magic to you, sweet girl. And stop climbing up high, for heaven's sake!


  29. How lucky that you didn't break anything! Hope it's better soon.
    Just wanted to wish you a happy Christmas.Hope to be blogging again soon.
    Gillian. xxx

  30. I'm feeling so sorry for you and then you give me the best giggle. How is the crochet lessons coming? I hope it is feeling better now.

  31. Oh NO! But thank heavens you at least didn't hit your head on that counter - whew! That must have been scary - and painful...
    Hope you're feeling much better SOON, Janet - and um, there are some crochet how to's on YouTube for your son...;-)
    Thanks so much for letting us know what's going on with your one-handed typing. Take care and have a very merry Christmas, Janet!

  32. Oh Dear Janet,,I am so sorry!!! Bless your heart,,or hand. Not what any one needs at Christmas.
    I am not a very graceful person either.
    Hope its on the mend!!!

  33. Janet, I feel your pain...I am so grateful that you missed that sweet head of yours. Arney is so angry when he see's me climbing on chairs. Your hand and my foot, maybe we should just set down.
    Your snow is beautiful, we have about 8 inches here and more coming. I have 21 coming for Christmas eve, and I am so not ready....yikes! Merry Christmas,
    be well! Your, Mary

  34. Are you right-handed? If it may be a while before we get to see more zentangles. I'm so sorry... but glad your head missed the granite. Sometimes these things are wake up calls to slow down and take on less cookie-making...

    Love, Robin


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