Saturday, December 20, 2008

Being Graceful is an Art....

Being graceful has never been one of my strong suits. Many times I think something got left out when I was "made" because I have no physical co-ordination and usually think I've really accomplished something when I can walk and chew gum at the same time!!

Yesterday I was looking through the cabinets to see what ingredients I had on hand to make cookies and what I needed to add to the grocery list. Most of the cabinets in our kitchen are too high for me to use without some help.

I pulled a chair over to stand on and that's when the fun began! My son was sitting at the table using his laptop and I was happily going through the cabinets....until I decided to get down.

Like a dummy I had placed the chair with the back behind me so when I went to step down I got caught in the back of the chair. My son said it was terrible watching me because he couldn't get to me in all happened so fast....although it seemed to be in slow motion.

He said my head just missed the granite countertop by a hair! At first I thought everything was ok. I could move every part of my body and nothing hurt but as the day went on my wrist became very sore and I had very little strength in it. So here's the result of all that....

It seems to be a bad strain so mostly I need to not use it too much. No problem!! I just have cookies to bake and lots of crochet to finish before Christmas!! Wonder how fast I can teach my son to crochet????

PS - this post took forever because I'm typing with one hand!