Thursday, December 18, 2008

Would You Believe: Part Two....

What a snow storm we had! Maybe not to someone who lives in Canada or in some of the northern states but for us living in Southern California it was something very unusual!

I think by the time it finally quit snowing we had about 10 - 12" on the ground! When we woke up this morning the sun came out full blast and it all began melting. Tonight it's getting down to 25ยบ so I'm sure it will be a mess on the roads tomorrow with all that melted snow frozen on the road.

HB stayed home today because the roads were pretty bad this morning and the battery was dead in the big diesel truck! We got up early and I took some more photos....

This is the same scene that I showed yesterday....out our front door but now you can't even see the truck parked out there! That one tree on the left is probably going to have to come down because so much of it is broken. Branches are touching the gound with the weight of the snow.

This picture shows a table that is in the back yard....HB parked an old lawn mower under it until he can take it to the dump. You can see the amount of snow piled up on the table.

Yesterday the tv wouldn't work because the dish had too much snow on it. Today I wasn't able to get online most of the day because our ISP had problems related to the storm.! I didn't mind not having tv....I baked cookies and made soup! I got a molasses cookie recipe from The Pioneer Woman Cooks and my son and HB both declared them delicious. The soup was a recipe that I got from one of the blogs I read but I don't remember which was called cheeseburger soup and again they both loved it. It must have been good because I made a big pot of it and there was maybe enough for one bowl left over! So whoever posted that recipe....Thank You!!!

Today I've been playing with an early Christmas present. HB gave me a laptop! Now all three of us can sit in the family room and click away on our laptops. Once in awhile someone says "check this out" and we all type in the same web address. So even though we had some crazy weather for one day, it wasn't so bad.


  1. It's great having your own laptop--I got one for my birthday.
    Love that snow

  2. Snow is coming our way...
    They say we will get 10 to 12 by the end of the day..
    I am so tired of snow I think I need to fly south…

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very
    Happy New Year!

    What a great start you already have on the Holiday, a laptop is a super gift.


  3. Janet: Holy Moly snow in CA!!
    My world gets it all the time but yours!!! Mother Nature is playing tricks on you!!
    Today we woke up and are still having a white-out snow storm!! I'm indoors no walk today!!
    Stay warm..Happy holidays to you dear lady! NG :) xo

  4. Congrats on the laptop Janet. So fun to finally not have to share. Aren't we spoiled. Tee hee.

    The snow is mixed huh. Exciting, beautiful, odd for SoCal, and at the same time potentially not good for trees, plants, lawn, drivers & yet what a treat.

    Thanks for sharing

  5. A laptop! How cool!

    I am sitting here watching the snow fall - we are going to get a lot of it!!!

  6. Hey! Welcome to my world. There are 5 inches and counting out there now.
    Thanks for the nice comment about James & Dani. We're thrilled for them. It's a very exciting Christmas at our house.
    Hope yours is wonderful too.

  7. WOW! There are certainly some weird weather patterns around...makes me wonder if we will ever get snow here in Brisbane. LOVED your snow pics, especially the one with the palm tree!

    Congratulations on your laptop! I'm saving up for one as I like the idea of being in any room and being able to access the net or files. :)

  8. I just posted an OC pic of our snow.
    Congrats on the laptop.

  9. Your snowfall is beautiful! I know you are enjoying it especially because you get so little!
    Your cooking sounds like the perfect way to spend a no TV day! And all of you on laptops...funny!

  10. Oh it looks like a winter wonderland. Wish we would get some of that!

  11. It seems the weather is crazy everywhere lately. Snow and ice in warm areas, glaciers melting in cold areas. I hope your weather gets back to normal soon!

    Keep warm,

  12. Hooray for your laptop! Glad you got it early!

    That snow is unbelievable. I know we're getting similar, but we're in Michigan, and while it's unusual to have so much so soon, for you it's a real anomaly! Wow -- lovely photos, too.

  13. Hey,,now thats alot of snow for California. We just can't seem to get any decent snows here.
    I got a new laptop for Christmas too and a small camera to cary in my purse. Ugh, and new bifocal glasses.
    Beautiful pictures, Janet!


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