Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Getting Detailed....

First of all, let me thank you all for your wise words and encouragement regarding my daughter's big move. I was feeling especially low when I wrote the post but I'm doing much better now. I've always known in my mind that she has to do this, it's just my heart that hurts. But we all go through things like this, our kids do grow up and make decisions we might not like, and yet somehow in the end it all works out.

So today I'm giving you a big smile (can you see it?) and a brightly colored graph paper design. I didn't draw anything yesterday....does it count that I was thinking creatively?!

While I was doing this design, it brought back all the times I drew out designs on graph paper when I was making my little crocheted purses. I had to draw the design, then figure out how many squares/stitches it covered, and then how many times I wanted it to repeat around the purse....and that was how big it would be. I still have pages and pages of designs I graphed out but never got around to making.

You might not be able to see them in this picture because most of them are done in pencil.

And here are a couple of photos of the finished purses/pouches....I've shown them before but here they are again!

The two designs above were actually converted from a knitting book....and I used my own color combinations. Of course, there had to be purple in at least one of them!!

This one has a Native American style....we were living in New Mexico when I did a lot of these little purses so I was heavily influenced by the designs and art I saw everywhere. But I liked using my own color combinations. I doubt that too many Native Americans used pastel colors in their rugs. I might be wrong but I didn't see any!

I enjoy working on detailed projects....tiny beads, fine crochet thread, delicate lines in a drawing. I'm not sure where that comes from since I'm anything but tiny, fine or delicate!

I hope I didn't bore you with these old photos but they seemed to go with my train of thought today.


  1. LOL Had to laugh at that last line, your train of thought! Come on over to my Blog today and YOU will seeeeeee why I had to chuckle! Especially since I've had this tune blaring while I'm cleaning, I feel like I'm riding!!! hehe LOVE those purses, O! I couldn't do such delicate work!!! Yes, we have to let go Janet! Just pray a lot for them! I forgot YOU lived in New Mexico, wish I could go back some day!

  2. Janet, So glad you are feeling better about things.

    Love that notebook cover. Designs like that really appeal to me. I guess it's the Frank Lloyd Wright in me. Purses are so cute.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these bags!!! You should be selling these gems my friend!
    The details in your graph drawings also could be turned in to quilt patterns as well. (if someone was so inclined)
    You are multi talented!

    I read your post below....I am not a parent so I haven't experienced that. BUT when I moved to Minnesota my Mom was freaking and thought it was a bad idea. Well 3 years later I brought G home to meet the family.....it all worked out and I need to spread my wings. Your daughter is older than I was then but still....perhaps this is her road to happiness. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

  4. These are so fun Janet. I remember doing the same graph paper patterns dall the math for needlepoint. So involved, but the rewards are ultimately beautiful.

    I also left you a comment in the post just below.

  5. I would have wanted to own that purple purse too! Draw string bags are and have always been my favorite...don't ask why. I haven't had one in a while....but I go through phases on a hunt for them....especially velvet ones.

    I was the same and designed a sweater for my ex I still have it because it went out of fashion, but I made it out of my head. I never used graph paper.

    Loved the purse they are awesome!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. I love to look at the little purses, they remind me of my 1970's handbag, the style does. I love the blue one..
    Very pretty Janet,
    Peace, Kai

  7. oh how gorgeous!
    I love these colours and designs... so deeply precious!

    wishing you a shining day :)

  8. Oh Janet! I'm so sorry. It is so hard when we see the ones we love choose paths we are unsure of. You are in my thoughts. Your bags are beautiful!


  9. Very nice Janet I didn't know you could crochet

  10. Great photos! How are you doing?

  11. Hi Janet, that first graph piece made into a quilt would be called "Trip Around the World" It is a very old Amish quilt design.
    Your purses are darling. Look how much you're getting accomplished! Yay You.

  12. I LOVE your purses,

    I am glad you feel better, that makes me feel better, too.

    Your "smile" is catching.

    I've been playing with Hugo, my little teddy bear.

  13. I hadn't seen these before. LOVE the purple one.

    I not only see your smile today, I FEEL it!

  14. Boring????? Anything but. You must have the patience of Job, girlfriend. These cute purses brough back happy 70's memories of buying my first purse at a "hippie store" called "The Menagerie." It was a drawstring bag, and I had saved my allowance for two whole weeks. I can almost smell the strawberry incense now!


  15. I'm such a hobo bag lover and these have a folksy, hobo sort of reminiscence. Isn't it fun to find old designs again.

  16. The bags are great! Not boring at all!!

    I'm behind in email but wanted to see what you were up to. I can only imagine how difficult it is to see daughter moving. You've been so supportive of her in the past, and I know that you will support this decision too. Easy for me to say, eh? Sending a big hug your way.

  17. Good to hear you are in better spirits..ups and downs will happen. You really do detailed art! Wow! The bags are incredible1 I used to do counted cross stitch...now i can't see!

  18. Those purses are darling! why did you stop making them?
    My daughter moved to Phoenix - 4 hours away by PLANE!! the good news is, after 4 yrs she is moving back in June.

    by the way, there is a busload of people that took you up on your invite to leave our 2degree weather and visit you. we'll be on your front porch soon. LOL

  19. I love your little purses! They reminded me of one my mother made for me back in the 70s - I felt so "cool" when I used it back then!
    Sorry you are sad about your daughter - mine is in college and can't wait to graduate and move all over the world. I know my heart will ache. . .
    (Wow, the word verification is "birds" - like our children who can't wait to fly away. . .)

  20. Love the graph paper designs you're doing - what fun -- one of the clients at the school liked to work on graph paper sort of similarly - some she left intact and on others, later she would sometimes cut out the designs and collage them onto bigger painted pieces too.
    I'm just now catching up a bit, and read about the move - I can just imagine how you must feel... praying for the best outcome and sending you many, MANY hugs, Janet!

  21. Bored????!!! Never!!! I LOVE your little pouch bags....you are so talented, Janet. You could make and sell these now, they are so lovely ~ :)

    Btw, I'm glad you're feeling a little better about your daughter leaving. (((Hugs)))

  22. What part of New Mexico did you live in, Janet? We went to Cloudcroft once a few years ago.

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