Friday, January 16, 2009

Giveaways and Challenges....

Time gets away from me so quickly anymore. It just seemed that I had posted something yesterday but it was several days ago. I did post a couple of new drawings over on my Artopia blog this morning. I draw something just about every day so far this year but I forget to post them.

As many of you know it's coming up on that time of year....Lisa's One World One Heart giveaway. Last year I missed out on doing it because I was busy drawing something for the Polar Festival. In case you don't remember, here is a link to my Polar Festival entry. You can see why it took me sooooo long!

This year isn't much different....time has run out for me to actually make something for OWOH but I've come up with something that I think you'll like so be sure to come back here on the 19th to sign up for my giveaway.


On other things....HB actually took a day off on Wednesday! We didn't do anything special but he enjoyed just not having to be on the job. And we enjoyed having some time with him.

We had a couple of phone calls from my daughter....last one from Oklahoma, so she might be about halfway to her final destination. She sounded happy and said she was enjoying the trip.

I made a promise that this year I would challenge myself to do different things in art. So far I haven't held up that promise....I'm still making the same pen drawings of faces that I've been doing for a long time. Right now my time for art is so limited that I'm usually lucky if I find the time to sit down and sketch out a face in my moleskine. How does everyone find the time to do so much art? Do you all have more hours in your days than I do?! And how do you get yourself out of the rut of doing the same thing? I have a lot of techniques I want to try but my studio is such a mess (imagine that!) and I never seem to have any time to spend on it. If I clean the studio then I won't have time to create! How do you do it?????


  1. Those are some good questions Janet. I've wondered myself. I think artist are super people.

    I'm with you. If I clean house and do laundry and blog and fix dinner and do the dishes and...... How can I do the extras that everybody else seems to do? It's a mystery to me!!!

  2. I know what you mean. I was so ready to try so many new things, but that old rut is so comfortable! The only thing I'm doing more that I did before is scribbling, and that's going in the wrong direction.

    Tomorrow is another day, but I don't know where some people find the time to accomplish all they do, either. I'm convinced my days are not really 24 hours long anymore!

  3. Janet my studio was in such chaos I was not creating anything. I had a 4 inch space left on my table that was not inviting. It was worth the one evening I spent cleaning up. the following nights I had all kinds of ideas and made lots of fun stuff. I get a book on CD and listen while I clean. it's very fun.

  4. Hi Janet,

    This evening I'm catching up on my blog reading. Time went zipping by this week and I didn't get a post up until today. You asked some good questions and if you find any good answers let us know! I'm amazed by some of the artists who journal everyday over at Misty Mawn's. I'm lucky if I get one done a week. I love your crocheted purses.

  5. I just now started dabbling with my art again. I have really been into making jewelry but I went ahead and signed up for a few swaps that seem like fun. I was wrapped on spending time with my daugher while she was here that I just didn't do anything else. I have along week-end so I am going to play.

  6. Truth is for me that I HAVE to do art......part or all day. Yes laundry tends to pile up and the dust bunnies snicker at me....but in the end the bliss I get from doing what I love far outweighs those other things. And another truth be told G is very supportive so he tends to pick up some of the household slack - he loves that I am happy creating.
    As for new technique/mediums maybe try doing something new one day a week. Make that your "experimental" day...before you know it you'll have a variety of things you've tried and may want to continue doing. Just an idea!
    Jump in!

  7. It was so much fun last year! Can't wait to start!

  8. LOL YOU sound like me, every excuse I use for not tidying up my little art room! It has to be done though and SOON! The whole house needs Spring Cleaning and I have to start soon since I am soOOOOoo slow! I took January off for art, art, art!!! Thanks! for the recipes, I might try them both, probably the beer bread first but I am a caramel lover too!!! mmMMMMM!


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