Thursday, January 08, 2009

Having Some Art Fun....

Here it is eight days into the new year and I'm a part of CED 2009 and I haven't put one single thing on here showing what I've been doing! I missed my Sunday summary and was planning to catch up with everything this coming Sunday but that seems a long time away.

I haven't been doing anything earth-shaking in the art "department" but I have been doing a little bit of something each day.

Recently I did a trade with Maryellen but I didn't want to show the ATCs until she received hers. That has happened, so here are the ones Maryellen sent me....

And here are the ones I sent to her....

Thanks, Maryellen! I love your art!!

Last evening while the guys were discussing the world's troubles and how to solve them (!!) I sat with them and colored in a new graph paper journal I bought. I was in B&N for something else and noticed they had a bunch of 50% off books so I couldn't pass by without looking! I found this journal with graph paper and it was only $2.50 so I got it. I always loved those coloring books for grown-ups (??) that had all the geometric designs....this is almost as good. Here's what I did....

I just used some Sharpies and made it up as I went along. It was a fun way to spend the evening.

So that's just a little bit of what I've been doing....more later!


  1. I love that journal. Did you do that in one night? So colorful.

  2. At least you have been doing something creative Janet all that I have been doing is my annual culling of the craft room.

  3. That is a great little journal with the graph paper...I'd have a lot of fun with that!!

  4. Love your ATC's and the ones your received!

    What a great idea with the graph journal!

    Did they solve the world's problems while you were working on that? If they did, I wanna know so I can check "worrying" off my to-do list.hehe

  5. You've been busy and productive, Janet! I like that you are having fun while the guys 'solved' the earth and world problems. LOL! I'm doing some drawing everyday from now on if I can! It is fun to do when you can.

  6. I so have to go get some
    Big hugs,
    Peace, Kai

  7. Oh I love finding sales at B&N like that...neat paper and love your coloring.
    The ATC's were wonderful too.

  8. gOOD FOR YOU !! aT LEAST yoU ARE BEING CREATIVE! Im was just posting to Kai about finally starting my art journal for 2009. It is hard for me to get pictures posted on my blog right now because of tech difficulties on my end..ha ha ;;Love your graph art!

  9. Fun working on the graph paper! Sort of like planning a quilt!

  10. Anonymous8:09 PM

    What great ATC's...I always lovew looking at those..and that book! B&N? I've been looking for one of those mom used to buy me one when we went to the fancy art supply store when I was little.. I can't wait to go there and check them out!!

  11. Janet, good for you, the colours go beautiful together like that, they say you know colouring in is good for the brain cells (smiles) you der friend have purfect brain cells because the shading is lovely.

    See you often this year my friend, Lee-ann

  12. These look great! I just joined CED too


  13. Hi Janet,
    I'm a fan of your blog. I like the graph paper journal - it looks like art-quilting to me. I'd like to try it myself as soon as I find some graph paper ;)Janet

  14. Nice journal cover.
    I don't think I've seen those here.

    Then again, I haven't looked around too much in that direction lately.

    Your ATCs are great.

  15. Oh I love the geometric graph drawing! That is very cool! I have never thought of doing that with graph paper - it is so pretty all colored up! :)

    It's also cool seeing the ATCs you did with the ones your swap partner did - similar styles, but you can tell they are done by different artists! Very neat!

  16. Oh, Janet,
    I think I misprinted my previous message. I knew this colorful creation was yours, not the cover.


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