Sunday, January 11, 2009

My CED Drawings....

Since I'm doing CED again this year you would expect to see some art here every day....right? Wrong! I haven't posted many of my drawings yet. I was thinking about doing them all on Sunday, kind of a recap of the week, but then I got to thinking about all those drawings on one little post. That doesn't seem to be the answer. So I think I'll just post them whenever I feel like it throughout the week.

With that said, now I must catch up, so this post will have several....some are finished while others are just rough ideas. But the important thing is I'm drawing every day. That makes me happy.

So here goes....

01/03/2009 unfinished


01/05/2009 unfinished

01/06/2009 I plan to use some watercolors on this one

01/07/2009 and 01/08/2009 rough sketch on two pages done over two days


01/10/2009 I may use watercolors on this one, too.

This catches me up now and I can start fresh next week....hopefully posting one each day.


  1. These are wonderful Janet especially the bottom two.

  2. that second to bottom one with the dotty boobs is magnificent, she reminds me of some mayan or ancient culture goddess! just great!

  3. Oooo, Janet,
    I love those drawings. I am so happy that you posted them.

    Love the tree,the flower, the...I have to go back and see again.
    If you don't hear from me for a while, it's because I am looking at those wonderful drawings.

  4. Anonymous9:14 AM

    I am also trying to do CED this year. So far so good. I always love your ladies. So natural, so fantastic. My plan right now is to do a Post on Sundays to recap the week. We will see how that goes. Love Hugs and Blessings

  5. Beautiful drawings. I always like the girls you draw with funky hair. And I really like the tree drawing. Very pretty.


  6. The very last one is my favorite! Love the swoopy lines! Beautiful art!

  7. Wow! You've been busy! They are all wonderful.

  8. I'm really enjoying your ladies. Glad you joined CED and TNC. Enjoy!

  9. Wow, Janet, these are beautiful! I'm very impressed with your design and sense of style. I can't wait to see what watercolor does for the two that you chose.
    These are inspiring.

  10. Great drawings, Janet! You such a great artist! I wish I had the talent to draw like that!

  11. My fav is the woman with the boobies! HeeHee! They all are very good. Thanks for sharing. Hugs***Renea

  12. Your illustrations are incredible Janet. So striking!

  13. Each one of these pieces are wonderful! So glad I stopped by to see what you are up to. Wishing you grace with your daughters decisions.

  14. I love the "Lotus" flower, and the girl with flowers (leaves?)for her hair.


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