Thursday, January 29, 2009

An Old Altered Book....

You know how I love books!! And I also love altered books and art journals and anything along those lines. Even though most of my attempts at this kind of art have not been much good, I still try from time to time. It seems to be a popular art technique and many artists use it in various forms.

When Molly left to move back to Illinois she gave me several books from her collection....the love of books runs in the family!! One of them was an old gardening book....or so I thought. I wasn't sure why she gave me a book about gardening when I live in a climate that isn't exactly the perfect place to grow things but I figured she knew what she was giving me and that there was something about it I would like.

Several days after she left I got out the books and was surprised. The gardening book was printed in 1907. isn't in great shape but what I found inside was fascinating. Someone had added pictures of flowers and gardens!

They look as though they've been cut from magazines. And there are even some that are folded over, and some smaller pages have been added. Just like altered books of today!!

This is a close-up of the small page that was added. It's written in pencil so it's not very dark. I think if you click on this photo you might be able to read it in the larger size.

This small insert is written on the back of part of an envelope and the address is still there. It was mailed on April 7, 1924 from New York City, Tompkins Square Station and sent to Milo W. Barber in Venice, CA.

Here are a couple of other pages with added pictures....

Don't mind my fingers in the photos....the book won't lay open without me holding it. I think this book is one of my favorite things right now. It's full of poems and essays about gardens but the thing I like best is that someone personalized it. Besides the added pictures there are newspaper clippings and little notes throughout the book. Many of the pictures are in black and white but several, like the ones above, are in color. Some are starting to come loose and I can see what's printed on the backs.

Obviously someone loved gardening and they also loved this book. It is well worn and yet you can tell it was treasured by someone. And now I'll treasure it and keep it. I love this book!