Monday, January 05, 2009

Ta - Daaaa!

Better late than never....that's my motto! I finally gave up and just hooked up my new camera to my old computer and downloaded the pictures that way. I could download them to my new laptop but I didn't like the photo editing programs available to me. I'm spoiled by using an old Kodak Easy Share program that has one selection just for sizing photos for the web. Easy and no thinking about the size....just select "best for the web" and that's it.

So these are waaaay late but I'm still gonna share!

These are some beautiful flowers my cousin and her husband sent to us on Christmas Eve....and this photo was just taken yesterday!! They still look gorgeous! Thank you Mary Anne and Bill! We're still enjoying them.

Now I'm going back a little bit to Thanksgiving! This picture was on HB's camera and I just got it downloaded so bear with me. This will show you just one end of the table....

Now on to Christmas....this is me getting my new laptop early....

Here's LuLu keeping a sharp eye out for Santa!

She's checking out the presents to see which ones are for her!

Santa was good to us this year....

Me in my typical state....with my mouth open!!

We had a lot of fun on Christmas morning and I'm sorry to do this so late and subject you to all my corny photos but I wanted to put at least a few on my blog so I can remember them.

And last, here's a shot out the back of HB's son's house in Michigan. Brrr! It looks cold!

Ok, now that I've finally figured out my camera and how to get the pictures sized and on the computer....look out! I'll be snapping pictures of everything for awhile.

I had planned to do a weekly post on Sunday to talk about what I had done for CED 2009 but I didn't get it done yesterday. So maybe I'll just wait until next week and start then. I'll include last week's things in there, too. I've been posting some of my ATCs on Artopia but I'll do an "official" weekly post to discuss how I was creative every day.