Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Since my son (M) has been here we've been teasing him about how much he misses cutting down trees and working with firewood. As you may recall I took him with me to pick up our load of firewood back in November and a couple of days ago he got to participate just a little bit in some actual tree cutting.

Our next door neighbors have a huge cottonwood tree in the corner of their yard and when we had our freak snow storm a couple of weeks ago, the tree sustained some damage. So the other morning my neighbor decided to lop off a couple of the bigger branches and M got to help. Mostly M just guided him and gave him some advice but when they got ready to cut down one of the limbs, M got to put a rope around it and pull it so it wouldn't fall into our grapevines. Here they are discussing their plan....our neighbor is standing on the wall....

And here's the limb in our yard! You can just get a glimpse of M on the right side pulling the big limb out of the way.

After it was all cut we were left with a lot of tree limbs in the yard but M was thrilled to actually have some work to do!!

Since this picture was taken M has chopped everything into manageable pieces, stacked the bigger ones to "season" and piled all the smaller pieces to use for kindling. He truly loves to mess around with wood!

While all this was going on I was snapping pictures of everything and staying out of the way!

Today I spent a lot of time in the studio....mostly messing up things I tried to do but that's ok....it's all part of playing around. Sometimes I try something and it works, sometimes it doesn't. I'm also doing a little bit of crochet....M wants a couple of beanie style hats to wear when it's cold. I happened to have some "camo" yarn and a nice green that he likes so I'll make those up for him and maybe get some bright orange and make one of those, too.

We're having the most beautiful weather lately! Not sure how long it will last but we're enjoying it while we can. That's about all my ramblings for today. I hope you've had a good day too....