Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Big Day is Here....

The big day has arrived! This is when I announce the winner of the one year digital subscription for either Cloth Paper Scissors or Quilting Arts.

I first tried to put all the names in my funky hat....

but after a few days I realized the hat wasn't big enough to hold them all! So I decided to use the random generator to pick a number but I wore the funky hat while doing it!!

So without further ado the lucky winner is Veleta! Congratulations!

And thank you to everyone who participated in my giveaway. I had 445 entries!!! Things have been so hectic throughout this event that I haven't had a chance to visit many blogs, new or old, but now that it has concluded I will be able to cruise around Blogland. I made a copy of all 911 participants in the OWOH giveaway and will begin visiting them whenever time allows.

On another subject, my son left to go back home yesterday. He had been here since early November and I got used to having him here. When I woke up this morning and realized he was gone, I felt sad. Now he's back home in Alaska and returns to work bright and early Monday morning. But I'm thankful for all the time we got to spend together and all the long talks we had while he was here. During all those long hours that HB worked, my son was here to keep me company. It was a great visit.

Now I'm going to spend some alone time in the studio and see what I can come up with. More tomorrow....


  1. Love the hat! And congrats to Veleta!

  2. Aloha Janet,
    Just been catching up on all your blogging bits as I've been so tardy while redecorating my sunroom.
    I agree about our Aussie friends, Mine in Brisbane are safe for now..
    Congraddies to your winners..
    Peace, Kai

  3. Congratulations, Veleta!!!

    Janet, I loved your pictures of the draw and that you wore the hat for're one, COOL lady!!

    I'm sure your son misses you too. How lovely that you got to spend so much time together. I'll look forward to seeing what you create in the studio. I'm hoping to get into mine at some point today too. :)

    love, light and peace,

  4. Hi Janet!
    Oh it must feel so lonely without your son there now...I miss mine already and they both are in college right here in town!
    Hope your art fills the void and so glad you had that time to spend with him. xo

  5. Congratulations to Veleta! This prize could not go to a nicer person :).

    Love the photo of you in your hat (you are so funny Janet and pretty groovy too1).

    Am pleased you got to spend so much time with your son. And understand your sadness about him going home. The house must feel a bit empty now.

    Sending much love to you.

    Dot xx

  6. Love that hat! congrats to Veleta!
    Your son is so blessed to be missed by you. I know your time together was a treasured gift.
    I hope you said and did all you wanted until the next time you are together. it's that empty nest feeling all over again.
    Your, Mary

  7. Isnt that great that your son got to stay so long, and enjoyed his company.....but doesnt it make it all the harder when they go.

  8. So your son has gone home, hope he had a safe journey. I know you'll miss him a lot after having him around for so long. You'll have to concentrate on your art to distract yourself. Have fun.

  9. Hi Janet, congratulations to your winner.
    I'm sure you will miss your son after spending so long with him.
    I love the new blog page, very pretty and very you, it's your colours..!

    Happy Valentine's day for the

  10. Love the hat!! Congrats to Veleta!

    Sorry to hear your son is gone..I know you must miss him so! It is wonderful that you got to spend so much time with him, but it's always hard to see family go...

    Am so behind in reading/visiting...loving your latest journal pages! Still catching up.

  11. I covet the hat. I'm sorry your son had to go home, but it was so nice you had such a lovely long visit with him.

  12. You were one of my very first blog friend and I have a little something something for you on my blog. You don't even have to pass it on. Happy V Day,Phenomenal Woman!


  13. Hello Janet!
    I am happy to tell you that you have won one of my hangers on my OWOH drawing. Please let me know the word or name,the colors and style (from examples shown on blog) that you would like on it.

    I am so glad you won ~ Many Blessings and thanks for coming by and visiting my blog! Katie

  14. Just stopped by to check on ya, sorry son left but you will probably have a creative boom! HeeHee

  15. Congrats to Veleta!

    I can imagine how wonderful it must have been this precious time your son spent with you, because now I count the minutes to be with my mom again too! When we're luck to have a healthy family bound, every minute is priceless... Now you have a full reservoir of memories to cherish! :o)

  16. Congratulations to the lucky winner!
    You look so cute in your hat! I think you'd need a pretty big hat to fit all those entries in, lol. Thank goodness for that random generator.
    Happy Valentine's Day, Janet!

  17. Welcome back, Janet! I know we'll be seeing some fun art soon.

    My husband noticed the heart/bunny you sent me (the one that's been hanging near our kitchen window for over a year)for the first time today and asked if it was a Valentine I made for him, or maybe for Little Robin. He nearly choked when I said it had been up for so long. LOL! Hugs, Robin A.

  18. Hi Janet popping in to catch up..empty nesting again..I'm sure those creative juices will flow..hope Valentine's day was sweet for you!xo

  19. That is insane --- 445 entries. Yikes


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