Friday, February 27, 2009

Creating in Chaos....

Yesterday after my rust experiment went ga-futz-na (HB's favorite word!)I decided to just play in the studio....and I had fun and got dirty and then took a little break. While I was sitting there the phone rang and it was my BFF Gail who lives in Florida. We ended up talking for about two hours!!!! We both agreed that we don't call each other often enough.

So after that looooong conversation (where we laughed and talked about art and everything else under the sun) I went back up to the studio and took a look a what I'd been doing. Can you imagine trying to be creative in this....

(LOL) Have you ever seen such a mess?! And I'm doing art journal pages! When I paint I like to do several pages at a time so that means having the space to lay them out somewhere so they can dry while I'm working on another one.

That's my work space! And believe it or not, I cleaned and straightened that whole area yesterday!

Those two pages were pages I'd "painted" before but that only meant they had a couple of colors of paint smudged around on them. I tried going back and layering more colors and textures but I'm still not happy with them.

These two I'm liking better although I don't think I'm finished with them. But at least I'm experimenting and trying some things....all thanks to Julie.

And if you tuned in yesterday and saw my rust experiment don't worry....Doreen came to the rescue and I've produced some rusted papers! I'll show them to you tomorrow.


  1. Your studio looks completely normal to me! I thought that's what studios look like -- especially being used. :)

    Looking forward to the rusty pages.

  2. How did you get into my studio. I am sure that is a picture of my studio. There is asign on my door, NO CAMERAS ALLOWED. Shame on you for sneaking in. LOL Sharon
    PS You want rust come to WA. Everything can rust here. Even plastic. :-)

  3. My craft room is next to my my kitchen table is my constant catch all for projects.
    The only good thing is that I have to put everything away as soon as I am done or the kitchen looks like I don't care.
    Also I have to share the craft room with Mattie and LB my Beagles. We decided that they needed to sleep there at night this winter instead of in our beds.
    So each evening they are gated in my craft room. So if I decide to do anything I have to get my stuff before they go to bed.
    It is a little complicted, but dogs have hair and I can't handle it.
    Your pages look really good. I have decided to do the ABC Book that Bezie is should be fun. Hugs, Mary

  4. I always create in chaos! I drag everything out and then when I want to start a different project...I get things back in order to drag more out! heehee! Isn't that normal?

  5. Aloha Janet,
    I love the unique Picasso studio style you have achieved, I told you that you were talented!!
    your pages are groovy!
    peace, Kai

  6. 2Hi Janet,
    Love your art pages and also loved the story you made up about all getting dressed up for ACA. Loved who you picked out to excourt you to the party. Let me know about the rust paper. I am just now starting to blog. I am not going to upload the great grandchild pics and my birthday party as I know you saw them on Beths blog.
    Your studio looks like mine. I have a messy one alsoLOL.
    Golden Granny

  7. Anonymous11:52 AM

    I like your pages, Janet!

    I was just watching the cartoon "Olivia" with my daughter...imagine my shock and horror when Olivia's mother made the comment to Olivia the "artist" that part of being a good artist is cleaning up after yourself...

    man..what they are trying to teach the kids these days....sheesh

  8. Yep.....looks like my studio too when I'm creating! Now, I'm feeling guilty because I haven't been in the studio all week. lol I like your pages, Janet!

  9. all I ca nsay should see my mess then you'll feel much better! ..and BTW: I thought it was spring too,but that darn snow. Today it is sunny!

  10. Hmm, have to say that I don't see it as all that messy. I swear this last time I had to tidy up and reorganize my studio it took me a week!!! It never stays that way except right now during my slump.
    I am wondering if that rust technique would work on fabric, that could be interesting.
    I haven't been by in a not's all part of the slump. ;)

  11. Your studio is far more tidier than mine Janet--I am so embarrassed to have to admit it too.
    Glad you got rusty paper at last.

  12. Yes, this mess looks familiar to me! My work space has looked like a bomb since I started creating again.

    Thank you Janet for the comment on my latest creations. It means a lot to me.


  13. your studio looks like every other artist I know, mine included. I spent the day about a week ago cleaning mine, hoping to find some inspsiration.

  14. Are you kidding, my whole house is my studio really and while I keep it confine to certain areas, when I'm working that area is total chaos! I think your studio looks fine.

  15. Hi Janet. Don't worry, clutter is good! It's creativity at work. It didn't get that way by itself. xoxoxo

  16. You know I tell myself now that if I lived in a clutter free, organized houes, I'd be too afraid to create or do anything to mess it up! NO just enjoy!!! Looks neater than mine! What is that green color on your walls? I like it a lot...have been thinking of painting one of our bedrooms a sagey green, but I don't like a gray let me know...that looks so pretty! hugs...
    oh those pages are awesome!

  17. I totally understand that. My studio is my kitchen. Kind of embarrassing if company comes unexpectedly. lol

  18. What a fun post! I LOVE your studio. Mine looks like that a lot of the time too! Amazing how quickly it can get that way.

    Can't wait to see the rusty pages.



  19. Ooooh, your studio and your work makes me want to clean up my space too, and then ga-futz-na (GREAT word!)up to my ears in paint. I haven't painted for much too long. One thing about our creative selves that is totally amazing to me is how we keep painting layers until the piece is done... and somehow we recognize when that is. I don't know if that makes sense or not. I look forwrd to your rust. Hugs, Robin A.

  20. That's what my studio looks like at the end of every day. I always clean it before I start, but I strew EVERYTHING about while I'm working. And now with Ava sharing space with me, it is is one hot mess which I absolutely love

    You new journal pages look wonderful, btw

  21. Well, I think your studio looks GREAT!!

  22. I like the art journal pages you have begun! I think your studio looks full of creative possibilities!

  23. At first I was wondering "how in the world did Janet get a picture of my art room?" lol,,I straighten up mine and 10 minutes later its a mess again, but I seem to create better when its messy. I Love the journal pages, I have been working on mine some too. Hope you had a good week-end!

  24. at the moment, my whole house looks like your art studio !

    I love how you have prepared pages in your journal. I think teesha moore does that, a fantastic idea.. cannot wait to see what rusted paper is

  25. My studio is usually the kitchen table, so I can't relate. :)

    I REALLY like those painted pages.


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