Thursday, February 26, 2009

Experiment Gone Awry!!!

After all that partying I thought I'd better get down to doing some art!! A few days ago my friend, Doreen did a post about rusting steel wool and then using that to rust paper. She sent me the directions and this morning I got everything together to have a rusty, fun time.

Doreen said to put the steel wool in a container, add some water and then put vinegar all over it and it would immediately begin to rust.

This photo was taken maybe 10 minutes after I did what she told me and, as you can see nothing happened!!!! Does anyone know what I did wrong?? Doreen, help!! I was all ready to rust some watercolor paper for several projects I had in mind. Is my steel wool too fine? I used white vinegar....should I have used apple cider vinegar? I first tried this with the steel wool in a throwaway aluminum pan and then thought maybe the aluminum reacted in some way so I transferred it all to a glass pan. Still nothing!

Now all I have to show you is one weird drawing....

She's a little odd but I like her just for a quickie drawing!


  1. I'm sorry I can't help you in the steel wool project, this is new for me! Now I'm curious about it too!

    Let me ask you, Janet, will your add some new art in your Etsy shop again? Just asking...


  2. I've tried to rust Altoid boxes for antiquing. It took a really long time! (This was a few years ago) They look really old now sitting and getting everything around them rusty! ha!

  3. Anonymous2:03 PM

    You can pick up a bottle of the Modern Options rust solution at like a champ.

  4. I have no idea about the steel wool (although Brillo pads seem to rust quickly down here -- a little water and a couple of days later -- rust).

    I have a thank you up on the blog for Cloth, Paper, Scissors. Thanks again. I like doing the Dragon Happy Dance!


  5. Well....interesting! Looks like you've got some good suggestions in your comments! I'm more a 'how to make them go awry' kinda girl! lol But I love to learn new things!

  6. Aloha Janet..
    I like the girl, she's kinda cheeky but cute!!
    peace, Kai

  7. Too much water Janet-tip all the water out and then add more vinegar and you should be ok.

  8. I love all your pretty ladies.

    As to the steel wool, wouldn't plain old water work?

  9. I hope your wool has rusted...I am not very patient, I have a hard time letting glue set.
    I do like your girl, she is different, in a good way.
    I haven't done much with the eye infection, but I will.
    Your, mary


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