Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's a Big Day in Hollywood!....

Are you going? Do you have a dress....a date? What am I talking about, you ask! Why the Academy Awards, of course!! This is the big day. Tonight all the biggest names in Hollywood will get all gussied up and parade in front of the cameras, posing in their finery for all the world to see.

Since I am most definitely one of the biggest names in Hollywood....excuse me....what do you mean, they don't know who I am! Well, of course they do.

Shopping was a nightmare this year. I must have tried on a hundred dresses until I found the perfect one. (In this scenario I can be any size and any age I want so the sky's the limit!) Here is the dress I'm wearing tonight....

Well, of course it's purple! What color did you think I'd wear?!! And I'll be wearing these shoes....

Thank goodness this is all happening in my head because if I tried to wear these in real life I'd probably break my neck!

This year I had a tough time choosing my date. I thought about going with....

cutie pie, Matt Damon. Ever since I saw him in the Bourne movies I've had a crush on him! Then I thought about going with one of my bad boys from Lost....

But I wasn't sure he had a tux! And then how would it look to have that chest showing at a formal event! I'd be very distracted. So I decided to go with my favorite....

Johnny is always classy and handsome, and he's my all-time favorite date for the Academy Awards. He's taken me several times before.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to get my hair done, a manicure and pedicure, and I think I might need a massage to relax before the big event. Busy day for all us glamorous Hollywood types!


Now back to reality! I worked in the studio last night and I made a journal page that I'm very happy with. I haven't done any journaling on it yet but I like the background....

I sort of followed a tutorial that Julie had on her blog awhile back. I did some things differently and added a few things that Julie didn't do but overall it's her direction that got me going. Thanks, Julie!


  1. Hugh Jackman had asked me to go with him and then they asked him to be the MC so I am staying home.
    I have cut my dress up into tiny pieces to use in my craft so the outfit has not gone to waste has it.

  2. I love this idea. Your gown is gorgeous, the hunks are dreamy. It's such short notice for me I don't have time for dress shopping and obviously not one dreamy boy asked me to go or I would have had my dress by now. I like the journal page a lot too.

  3. I think if Sawyer were in a tux we'd just want to rip off his clothes anyways so its just as well.

    Can you tell me which date Julie had the tutorial? I'd like to look at it.


  4. Aloha Janet,
    Well, compared to you..
    I am but a mere shadow of a girl on the red carpet, the purple frock is fantastic!!
    I think I got asked by the Clammy Sosa
    I know you are already a winner..but enjoy your Oscars anywhooo..:):).
    Peace, Kai

  5. I actually HAVE a date! I'm going to the living room with my hubby Jim, daughter Carrie and husband Ben and grandkids Logan 3 and Paige 1. We're ordering SubWay and first watching the red carpet to see who is the fairest of them. Then we'll see who the winners are. Oh, you wanted to know what I'm wearing! I will be wearing DRESS BARN in the latest red turtleneck, wool sweater, and very posh black sweatpants. I should be the belle of the ball! Can't wait!

  6. I'm going to stay at home with Mr. Dragon. I just can't compete with you and the purple dress. :)

    Love the journal page.

  7. Well dawling, of course, George (Clooney) would be my date. What a night it would be! Yummy.

  8. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Thank you, Janet!

    And....if we meet...I'll fight you for Sawyer. :)

  9. Mayo is just to far removed from Hollywood,and I doubt if I can give up my sweat pants, it has been in the 20's in the mornings, Bbbrrrr !
    I'll let you pick up my Oscar for me, you'll be a hit in that fabulous dress.
    Loved the journal page.

  10. Here I am stuck with Scrooge...dh doesn't like award shows. LOL
    I still have a crush on Richard Gere, so I'll just have to give him a call and see if he'll be my date instead.
    Loved your post and your journal page is great! I have yet to try an art journal...on my one of these days list.

  11. I'd forgotten it was this weekend, so thanks for the reminder.

  12. Will you pick me up on your way? I suppose you will be in a stretch LIMO! heehee!

    Your page is beautiful! Very the soft colors!

  13. Oh darn - I was going to wear that exact same dress! Now I'll have to run out to Rodeo Drive and see what else I can find! lol

    Actually, right now I am laughing so hard at Doreen's comment, I can hardly type! You go on and enjoy the red carpet - I'll just stay home and comfort poor heartbroken Sawyer, lol.

  14. I always knew you had great taste! I'm going to Slum dog tonight. I'll tape the Oscars.

    Thanks for the link too! I love the technique you used!

    Hugs Giggles

  15. Please let us know all the scandal that went on behind the scenes at the big night. You must know all the right people to find out since you have been so many times before

  16. Janet, thanks for coming by my site. I like your journal page. Did I see you at the Suzi Blu workshop? I'm getting into trying to do a journal page a day. Those books I mentioned on my site have helped me a lot.

  17. My date was tall,blonde and blue eyed. Yes, it was my Arney.
    Loved it, we had dinner with our Dogs and cats, no place like home... You were a real stand out!
    Hugs, mary

  18. Love the Journal page...after I am done with Ruth, I want to start doing something new...I am having fun with Ruth. I will miss her when the story comes to a end.
    Your, Mary

  19. OH, you are going to look stunning in that dress! Enjoy your night with the stars ~ :)

    I LOVE your journal page!

  20. I love your journal page! The colors and the way it blends is wonderful. I wouldn't mind stealing your gown, shows and men (yes, all of them). That's one good photo of Sawyer... it'll stay in my mind for a while. xo

  21. You are so fun. I know I'll see you there on the screen, from my livingroom.

  22. Absolutely love your dress and shoes - bet you were the hit of the evening! Your journal page is so pretty too, I eally like that.

  23. So that's why Johnny said he couldn't go with ME!! Ah! I had a great laugh with Billy Connolly anyway!

    I just found your brilliant blog! I found my way from 'Indigo Blue'. O you made me laugh out loud my husband wondered what was on with me! Thank you, I shall be visiting alot now... it's just great!
    Hello from England.

  24. The gown is gorgeous, but the shoes are to DIE for!!!! I love shoes like that, but I haven't had any in forever. Depps a nice choice, but I would have to go with Viggo every time.

  25. Johnny Depp, I yeah!! hope you had a great time with him :)With your permission, I'd like to take him next year,hehehe :)

  26. Wow! That dress is awesome!! You'd look fantastic in it... and Johnny Depp is definitely hot like hell... the perfect match! :o)

  27. I absolutely love this journal page - the colors and the design.

    Well, ahem, since you rejected Sawyer I'll take him!


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