Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's Springtime in My Studio....

The sun is shining again although I think there's more rain coming. We can sure use it. The ground has been very hard and dry. I've been noticing a few more birds singing each day so I think spring is just around the corner.

Maybe that's what I was thinking about when I picked out the fan for my studio! It has a very springtime look to it. Here's HB busy at work on it....

And here it is all finished!

The last picture was taken at night so it isn't the best but I think you can see what it looks like. I'm very happy with it. I have a remote control so I can turn it off and on from my worktable.

None of the rooms in this house had a ceiling fan when we moved in. HB has added fans to the three bedrooms (including the one I use as my studio) upstairs. I love the fan in our bedroom....

Adding fans to high, sloping ceilings is not an easy task! Thank goodness HB is an electrician and can figure these things out! Now I'm happy with my fan in the studio....and a light, too. I have three desk type lamps in the studio that are ok for task lighting although I seldom work up there at night.

At night I usually sit in the family room with my moleskine and sketch faces like this one....

She's ok but somehow I'm not happy with her. She seems unfinished so maybe I'll work on her some more today.


  1. We have no ceiling fixtures upstairs, fans or lights, and I often wish we could have fans up there. Ask HB if he can pop by and install some for us please...LOL

  2. Janet love the new colorful fan...pastels work for me..looks like fairies painted it..magical..inspirational..your lady's eyes draw me in! Keep on creating! smiles NG

  3. Love the ceiling fans! Aren't those great?

    I love seeing the faces you sketch in your moleskine. I really like how you do the shading.


  4. Aloha Janet,
    I love the pastel fan and the Leaf fan would look great in my sunroom... :)
    As for your girl, she's au-natural rastah. I think she's fine..with or without
    you're an awesome sketcher!
    Peace, Kai

  5. those fans are fantastic, I have never seen anything like them.

  6. I love the new ceiling fan! We have them throughout our house, too, and I really don't know what I'd do without them. Ours aren't as snazzy as yours, though!


  7. How fun! The colors of the blades are lovely. We used to have ceiling fans but now we only have the living room one. We don't have high ceilings so I just use rotating desk fans in the summer.
    We've been having a lot of much needed rain too but today, the sun is out and I can see some blue sky.
    I just love your drawings, aren't Pitt pens the best?
    I am trying to catch up here as I have long been absent. With OWOH I didn't even get to all the blogs yet!
    Thinking of you Janet!
    Art on!

  8. Ah the fan is up. Can I clone that man of yours! LOL I love both fans. I have several fans and just love them.Sharon

  9. Thoses are fancy looking fans, Janet! I haven't seen anything like that here DownUnder. We have ceiling fans throughout here as we don't have air-conditioning and, in this climate, ceiling fans are the next best thing.

    Your drawing is lovely!

  10. I need one more ceiling fan for a bedroom (the one that still has stuff stacked on the bed from cleaning the walls after the hurricane).

    I like her. I thought she looked as if she had just walked out of the pages of a fairy tale. What stories she could tell!

  11. That's so perfect for a studio! Love the colors! Creative, joyful, and filled with inspiration!

  12. Love the fan! It is full of whimsy - and just perfect for a creative place...

  13. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Happy new fan!

    I don't know what you're talking about...all of your faces are so charming...lots of expression and they are UNIQUE. Keep drawing!!

  14. I Love the springy fan, Janet! I also love your drawing. The women you draw are always awesome. You are so talented!

  15. We put that same fan in my daughter's room! I like it better than the ones in the rest of our house. I like your nice leafy one in your bedroom too.

  16. OOOOOoooo, I love your pretty fans. I couldn't live through our summers without ours but they aren't as pretty as yours.

  17. What a fun fan for an artist to have in her workroom!

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