Friday, February 20, 2009

Lucky Me....

I'm such a lucky gal! I won several items in the OWOH giveaways and yesterday two of them arrived. It was like Christmas all over again when the doorbell rang and I saw a package sitting there with my name on it!

First of all, I received a beautiful pendant and earrings from the oh so talented Beth. I was surprised and happy to win a gift from another blogger that I know. As always, Beth sent a lovely package containing all of this....

And here's a close-up of the pendant....

Isn't it just beautiful?!! Thanks, Beth! You always create fantastic art.

Then later in the day a package arrived from Sandy. I won this incredible wall plaque from her....

The picture doesn't do it justice. And grapes (being as how they're purple!!) are one of my favorite foods, and I love using them in decorating so this plaque will have a special place in our dining room. Thank you, Sandy!

And I also recently received a lovely card from another OWOH participant. This was not a "win" item but a thank you for following her blog. Here is the card and piece of art that Nancy sent me....

I love her art! If you have a chance click on the links (their names) and go visit these incredible artists. You won't be sorry.


  1. Janet - Your are LUCKY!!

    Those items are lovely. Everyone of them. And they seem just perfect for you.

    Do you collect purple items? I had a friend who decorated her Christmas tree with purple balls and such. You know it's the color of royalty!

  2. WOW! You scored! These pieces are all so gorgeous!

  3. I received the same thing from Nancy - she is truly talented.

    You got a few goodies there!!!

  4. Lucky, lucky, lucky you! You certainly won some beautiful things from some talented people.

  5. I love that pendant - then again I love anything with fairies, and she's a pretty one.

  6. ice gifts, lucky you. I also won two things, waiting for them to arrive. Next year hope to offer something...

  7. How wonderful! And such nice things to receive! I love them all, but I think the grapes are my special favs!

  8. Well,look at you...all this for little ole are a lucky girl. This is so nice.
    Oh yes, I did love your party,but as always ate to much cake... Your, mary

  9. Wow! You made out alright! :) Congrats.

  10. You are lucky! All such nice things. I especially love the pendant.

  11. What beautiful gifts! I am always looking for your blog and now I am following it! YAY! I'm going to put you in my blog list, too! Happy Blogging!


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