Friday, February 06, 2009

Playing in the Studio....

We've been having rainy weather and that always makes be feel as if time is creeping by. We need the rain so I'm not complaining but gray days sure don't make me feel like doing much except curling up with a good book!

I've been working in my art journals....trying out different techniques. I had saved a bunch of art journal tutorials so I printed them all out and put them in a binder for the studio. I've been following along with them and creating some new pages. Today I worked on a couple that are turning out ok. I don't think they're finished yet but here's what I have so far....

and this is the facing page....

The little words along the left say "The right look for every occasion"....I'm not sure this gal got the message!!

I like the second one best although I love the swirls on the first one. I'm sure I'll add more to both of these and I didn't write anything on them yet....that's why I could show them to you! Like a dummy I've been doing pages and then writing sometimes very personal thoughts and then I don't want to show them! This time I caught myself before I wrote anything!!

I keep trying to find the techniques I love for this type of art. I think if I keep playing around with different things I'll hit on my own least I hope so!


  1. So glad you remembered to take the pictures before you added any words. I do the same thing. I'm trying to do a journal page a week and golly, that sometimes seems impossible! I almost have a page done. I usually have the page finished on Friday. Not today. I put a sticky finger down on poor Mr. Robin and took his face right off! He'll have a new face by tomorrow morning!

    I like the swirls, too. Laughed about the young lady and her *dress*.


  2. I so admire your talent and creativity. These works are both lovely and interesting. Not all art is both.

  3. Isn't that the way! I love that you are working on your art journals again.

  4. These are awesome pages Janet...


  5. I really like those pages. Great idea to print out the tutorials and put them in a binder!

    Re: showing pages w/ writing... You can always scan them and in an editing program (photoshop, picasa, etc.) blur the parts you don't want to show.


  6. Hi Janet, I'm also trying to understand the whole Twitter craze. I like this new venue your trying. I'm also shifting about between beading and my interest-polymer clay. and I wonder where it will take me.

  7. We're getting lots of rain too! Much needed so I am very happy. I love your journaling. It's so much fun, isn't it?

    Hope you're staying warm and dry.

    All my best,


  8. Hi Janet! the pages are great! I love art journaling. There is no wrong or right way to do it...which is cool. I usually paint in a few pages of backgrounds and collage, stamps , fabric, etc. then they're ready for words. sometimes I only use my micron pen and doodle out my feelings..try it all!

  9. aloha Janet,
    well, that was a lovely half hour of pouring over your weekly posts. Love the Garden book, you're such a clever young thing!!
    I like the process of your journal pages too..
    Very snazzy!
    Peace, Kai

  10. I've never created journal pages before, I'll try it someday I'm sure. But love where yours is going. Hugs***Renea

  11. Hi Janet,

    Those journal pages are great. Love the colors and the words. Sounds like you are having fun trying new things.

  12. Your pages are lovely, sounds like you're having lots of fun!

  13. I love your Journaling, there shouldn't be a right or wrong way of expressing's wonderful and it's you.
    I made a night light yesterday and today I joined the challenge again. Come by and see me.
    Big Hugs, Mary

  14. Hi Janet!
    Sorry for not stopping by more...I'm in a no blog mode these days. I'm like you though, always hoping to find my "own style". I think that is what makes a true artist, don't you?
    I have yet to try that journaling...I used to keep journals in college, oh so long I hate to write. Strange! I guess it's the computer..who knows?
    Anyway, happy journaling! Keep some to yourself, it's best I think. :) xo

  15. Love your Journal pages. I need to get back to work on mine but have been kind of sick this past week.
    I did do some art today. Hope all is well with you, dear Janet!

  16. Ps. I liked the 1st one.

  17. Janet,

    I'm rather new to the blog world but have been admiring yours and your work. It is beautiful! My medium is mosaics but I love exploring other mediums to expand my own world.



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