Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Catch-up....

On Sunday I usually try to catch you up on what I've created over the past week, and also talk a bit about "12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women"....but this week hasn't been very creative. As many of you know, my son went home on Wednesday and that left a huge hole in my days not to mention my heart.

And then I looked around the house and began noticing all the art supplies scattered everywhere. While M was here I would bring small items downstairs to work on so we were together. There were drawing pens in the family room along with colored pencils, my little Busy B scissors were in the dining room with some papers, yarn could be found in just about every room....well, I think you get the idea! So I began gathering up everything and moving it back to the studio. Whew! Big job! I'm glad that's done and I can now get in there to create.

WRONG!! Guess when HB decided to put up the ceiling fan that he's been promising me for quite some time! Yep! He picked yesterday to do it! So I had to clear out the center of the studio so he could get the ladder in there and cut a hole in the ceiling. Since there was cutting involved I had to make sure there wasn't anything below that could get messed up by the falling dusty debris.

So here's what my "creative" week ended up like....

Particularly boring photo but you can see the hole in the ceiling. Today I need to go pick out the fan I want installed.

That's the table under the window and a bit of simple crochet I've started. I'm making a large bag to carry my yarn projects. I got the idea from a blog I just recently discovered. Vallen had a link on her blog and I went over to check it out and absolutely fell in love with the gorgeous colors and crochet....take a look and see if you don't agree. Attic 24 is located here.

And just so you don't all think I live in sunshine and warm temperatures all the time here in Southern California, this is what happened on Friday....

I left this photo big so you can click on it and maybe see the snowflakes falling! This is the second time it has snowed here this winter! And that is very unusual. The rest of the time we've had a very mild winter with lots of sunshine and higher than normal temperatures.

Thanks for stopping by....I hope you enjoyed your visit. Come back again and hopefully I'll have some art to show you. I'll be creating under a brand new ceiling fan!


  1. I actually prefer a fan to A/C, so when it's super hot you will be glad of it.
    BTW the green in your studio appears to be exactly the same as the colour in my 'office' here.

  2. First, extra hugs to you. I know you miss your son.

    Thanks (I think) for the links to two more blogs. I can't keep up with the ones I follow now! Let's go to an 8 day week with 28 hours a day! !!!!!


  3. I don't have A/C in my apartment! We usually don't need it here in New Hampshire - the fans work really well...and I open my windows.

    Snow, huh!

    Have fun creating in the room with the new fan...I want to see a photo of the fan you pick! Will it have a light?

  4. Aloha Janet,
    Kelisa said it snowed too. It must be phreaky weather..
    I'll look forward to seeing your studio ACF (After ceiling Fan, lol)
    Peace, Kai

  5. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Come way that is Southern California... :)

  6. Hi Janet,

    We are having rain in Crete and thunder storms. Our little dog ( who was a stray that we took in) is terrified of the thunder.

    I love attic 24 aswell. Lucy makes some beautiful thing doesn't she. She has a good blog going on there.

  7. Hi Janet, That was nice of your husband to work on your light fixture. Sometimes hubbys can be thoughtful, but their timing is off! LOL They pick funny times to do their fixups.

    Sounds like you really miss your son. Maybe with all your art projects that will get easier.

    Post more photos when the work is done. I love to see art rooms.

  8. I'm sure you are missing your son big time. At least you have some art that needs doing soon as the fan is done. That is just the way life goes, doesn't it! First a hole and then filling in with busy-ness and then the hole is quite so big, but just there. Thinking of you, Janet

  9. At least your getting a ceiling fan, I 'd consider the hole creative. LOL Have a creative week. Sharon

  10. HB must be very handy to have around even if you have to fit around his schedule. lol You will really appreciate the ceiling fan. I wish I had one in my studio...instead, I have a standard floor fan which blows papers everywhere! lol

    Thanks for the links....will check them out shortly. The snow pic looks lovely! We never get snow here ~ :(

  11. Wow, crazy to have snow in s. calif! We didn't get any in Visalia but my mom, near oakhust is snowed in.

    Missing kids when they go, it's hard to find the words to describe that ache, isn't it?

  12. I ca hardly wait to see what you pick out in a ceiling fan. I have one in my craft is needed. It's nothing fancy, but it works really good. Since this Ole house is 103 now, there is aways something to do. It really hasn't been as bad when you think of others at this age. We still have the loft to finish, and it takes alot of money, so it has to wait.
    I know you are stuggling with your son leaving. But your art and your heart will move you onto other things to fill your time. I hope your Valenties Day was good.
    Your, Mary

  13. Anonymous9:31 PM

    Yikes, well at least he showed you he was your fan for V-Day!

    We painted all weekend and seem no further along than before, well not much anyway.

  14. Hi Janet,
    Believe me, I can identify with you. My husband tries very hard to get to my requests, but (you know there's a but...)his timing is way off, sometimes. I just remind my self that he can't read my mind :-).
    Once things settle down, you'll be as creative as ever.
    I admire your blog. I wish I could be so productive with mine.

  15. That looks like a lovely space to work in. I anxiously await the pictures of your new fan! I love fans too. We try to use the fans and keep the windows open as much as possible. Usually we'll have to turn the AC on at some point or we'll have mildew from the high humidity here.

  16. OMG Janet.... Come on now.. I was told it never rains(or snows) in sunny California!!!!! but I guess seeing is believing....
    The weather has been wacky all over the world..
    We are getting rain to-day so our huge snowbanks are slowly going down!

  17. I'm surprised we didn;t have some of that flaly stuff here. It was certainly cold and wet. Today we actually have some sun. Warmth? Not so much. I love the colors you've chosen for your crochet. I am actually contemplating starting an afghan. Crazy, I know.

  18. Boy, was I away for a long time. Sorry about that! I'm also sorry that you are missing your son. I hope your are a bit better every day.


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