Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Coming Up for Air....

Here it is Tuesday already! I'm so busy playing in the studio that I almost forget to come up for air! If you haven't seen me around for a few days that's why. I've had the creative bug and when it's here I like to just go with it.

Most things I can't show you yet but I did manage to do my daily journal pages. Here is one I did for March 8....

And here's the one for March 9....

Both of these are for Kelly's class. Then I made this page just bee-cause....

If you can't read this last one, it will be on flickr at the larger size.


  1. You know Janet by the end of this journal I think you will know who you are.
    I am enjoying the journey with you.

  2. Your colors are gorgeous! Love how you journal. Please come up for air more often. Don't make us come out there and search for you!

  3. Janet those colours in the journal pages are terrific... I realy liked the leaf in your previous one too! Hey while I have the 'bug' I dont come up for air either its go go go then till the next blank wall hits! So go you!!!

  4. It's imperative when the mojo is in high gear to go with it and stay with it.
    I am doing the same thing and before I know it hours have gone by and I am happy. It keeps me from visiting blogs as I'd like but hopefully those that "get it" understand.
    I know I do!
    Loving your journal pages, the backgrounds are great!
    Art on sister!!!

  5. Glad to see you are getting some art work done and feeling good about it. I'm still spinning from the company. Really like the colors on the pages.


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