Friday, March 06, 2009

Continuing With Kelly....

The Prompt a Day art journal class that Kelly Kilmer is doing (link on the side) is teaching me quite a lot. As many of you know, I have struggled with my art journals and tried this and tried that. With Kelly's daily prompts on painting, collage, and journaling I've been getting a better handle on this. I don't always follow her directions entirely....sometimes I leave out a step or add something else but she is getting me to think about this in a different way.

Yesterday I showed you the beginnings of a page....I had painted the background. Here is the finished (maybe) page....

I'm not completely thrilled with this one. She asked us to write about faith and I have faith in Mother Nature. I love the tree taken from a magazine ad so I used that. The rest is just not what I wanted but I did this one in a hurry.

March 5

This prompt was about the last book we read. I just finished "These Is My Words" so I used that one. The woman is from the internet....I just printed her out and slapped her down with some glue! I like most of this one except the upper left corner seems wrong somehow. Maybe that should have gone on the Mother Nature page!

Overall I'm experimenting and learning and I hope by the end of the month I'll have some pages that I'm happy about. I do love the freedom of just layering on the colors. So far all my pages have very straight, almost geometric painted lines as you can see in the background I did for the next page....

And Kelly uses brighter colors than I have before but I'm enjoying them. This unfinished page actually has more green in the left side than the scan shows. But you can see that I'm just slapping paint on the page and seeing what happens!


  1. Slapping, Mushing, Flopping -- all great art technical terms and FUN! I love to mush... !!!

    Looking good!


  2. The color combo is great!

  3. Janet, your art journal pages are great! I joined Milliande's creative group and I'm still thinking about Kelly's art journal class. Keep on creating, it's looking really great!

  4. Wow Janet, you've been busy over here! You sure have been creative!!!
    Love those colors...

  5. Glad you are enjoying it and trying some new things. I love the colors and the way the meld into each other and all the journaling!

  6. I like the bright colors! That autobiography sounds interesting. I enjoy reading those kind of books too, especially the ones from the 1800's - there were some tough cookies back then, lol. Guess they had to be, to survive. Reading autobiographies from older time periods is my cure for whenever I'm feeling down - just looking at what all they had to contend with on daily basis, makes our time period look like a walk in the park, lol. Suddenly nothing seems quite as bad - at least we have indoor plumbing!

  7. Janet,

    Glad to hear you are enjoying the class. I am 2 days behind now. I figure to catch up when I am feeling a little better. I never layered paint like she does so its a great experience. Plus the way and shape of adding papers and paying attention to where your focal image is great too. I have learned a lot in the 4 pages I have done.


  8. Well, for crying out loud! Blogger is messing with me this morning. Or...more likely it's my dinosaur computer. Anyhow, if this gets posted 42 times, you can't say I'm not trying!! I was trying to say...I've been scrolling to see what I've missed by not visiting often enough, and your art journal pages are TOTALLY AWESOME!!! xoxoxo


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