Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Do You Need Some Paper?

If you stopped by yesterday you'll notice I deleted that post. It was too confusing. Everyone thought I was trying to celebrate my blogiversary again....that was not my intent. I was trying to share some of my older posts with you....the ones that were milestones for my blog. So I deleted it after everyone began congratulating me again on the anniversary.


Today it's rainy so I'm staying in and will probably continue my quest for organization in the studio. That brings me to this question....would anyone like to have some patterned papers? I have more than I'll ever use so I'll share them with three people. If you would like to have some papers just tell me in the comments. If you don't specifically say you would like paper then I won't count you in. I'll pick ( three people on Saturday March 7 and send you a stack of papers.

I should tell you that most of them are 12 x 12 sheets that have been cut in half and some are in quarters. I seldom ever use a whole sheet of 12 x 12 paper so I cut them in half because they're easier to store.

Here is a picture showing just some of the paper I have....


I joined Kelly Kilmer's Prompt a Day art journal class (the link is over on the right side of my blog) and I had to catch up so none of these pages are actually finished yet but you can see that I'm doing them....

March 1

I still need to outline all the writing on these pages and maybe add some other things, too.

March 2

March 3

They all need more work and I'll show them when I'm finished.

Hope you're all having a creative day!!


  1. I didn't find that last post confusing.... albeit I didn't comment. I just remember the tumbleweed post well and loved it too! I'm loving the colors of this new art! Great combos!

    Love Sherrie

  2. DO NOT SEND ME PAPERS - I have plenty. Just wanted to say - I'm loving your collages.

  3. Hi Janet, just taking a moment to pop by and say hello..
    Things are busy here, with one thing and another, and it seems you are too.
    Have fun !!
    No papers for me ..Thank you.

  4. I didn't comment yesterday Janet but I did understand where you were going.
    Loved the tumbleweed story as well.
    I'd love some papers to share with Ebony

  5. I may commented yesterday ... I loved the post and I knew *we* had celebrated already! ;)

    I know you'll enjoy Kelly's class. Have fun!

  6. Love your pages! And sure, I'd love to be in the running for the papers. I have been determined not to buy new art supplies for months now and I'm doing a great job because I keep winning stuff in giveaways. LOL I'm not sure that was how it was supposed to work but getting new stuff seems to inspire me and I try to get rid of the older stuff.

  7. I would LOVE to have some papers. And small bits are fine. I use them to make cards. I was all set to buy some at Michael's next week when I make my monthly trip to Lexington.
    I probably was one of the confused ones yesterday. I'm just that way.

    I really like what you've done with the art journal.

  8. I would love to have some papers...count me in. I like your new journal pages very much...I'm thinking of signing up for Kelly's journal class too. What do you think so far?

  9. I am a paper hound, but I am okay right now...
    Love your new art adventure.
    Did I tell you that I finished Ruth?
    Big Hugs, Mary

  10. Anonymous7:12 PM

    I would love some paper!
    I'm working on developing my skills in card making and would love some fresh supplies.

  11. Janet,

    Your pages are great! Oh and I would love to be in the drawing for papers so please include me. I am glad you joined in on Kelly's class.


  12. I would love to have some of your papers. I scrapbook with my daughter and my granddaughter. We really have a great time scrapbooking and talking at the table together. Thanks for your offer.

  13. I LOVE your journal pages. I would love to be in your drawing for the papers. I only have 2 plastic bins full but I Heart paper!
    Have a creative day!

  14. I don't need the papers, but! I think I know who would....our very own origami queen, Kai! Perhaps she would use them.
    I know she makes lots of cranes and those would make beautiful cranes.
    I think now I'm sufficiently inspired to clean my space. I don't have a studio, I have a kitchen table...but none the less it needs tidying up!!!

  15. love your pages, janet!!

  16. I want it, I want it! LOL It's always great to have an extra supply of papers, specially when we work with decoupage... Count me in! :o)

    Kisses from us.

  17. I love your collages and they turned out very well when you got them finished. I have been wanting to try my hand at art jounaling so I'm going to go out and check that blog.

    I would love to get in on your paper draw. Thanks for the chance.

  18. your collages are great Janet! and yes, please include me in your paper drawing. If I do get picked, you could send me a grouping of the smaller size papers. I use paper when I create charms using scrabble pieces and polymer clay so I don't need big sheets. thank you!

  19. Loving those pages!


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