Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Few Pages More....

It's Sunday morning and HB and I just returned from our walk. The weather is beautiful and we've been enjoying getting outside. Soon the heat will be upon us and then I won't be doing much at all!

I'm thoroughly amazed at myself. The month is almost over and I've just got three more pages to do in my art journal and I will have completed an entire month of a page a day!! That's pretty phenomenal for me! I may even work on all three of them least get the backgrounds painted. Here are my latest pages....

March 26

March 27

March 28


Did you participate in Earth Hour last night? HB and I did. We set candles all around the family room, turned off all the lights, the tv, and the desktop computer, and then we sat with our laptops running on batteries and cruised the web in the dark!! It was fun and very nice not to have the "noise" of the tv. I know it would be impossible due to all the time zones but I think it would be fantastic if the world could all turn out the lights at the same time!! Now that would be impressive. I wonder if you could see all the lights go out from outer space? I'm thinking of making this a weekly thing. Pick a night and just turn everything off for an hour. Sounds good to me!!


  1. Janet--just did the drawing for "Flygirl No. 4" and your name was the one Joel drew out of the hat! Let me know your mailing info--just email me at karen (at) ksmithey (dot) com

    Hope you're having a great day!

  2. Hi Janet

    The latest pages are just beautiful!

    Hugs from here

  3. You are not the only one Janet. I have not had television or newspapers in my home for over 15 years for that very reason . . ..... too much dwelling on violence and ugliness.

    I like art and laughter better.

  4. What fun pages. I can see you are having fun doing this and I think that is the best thing of all. Not only are they good, but I can see your joy. That's best.

  5. Janet, I just was the lucky receiver of a wonderful award I've passed onto you. Hope you can think of Only 7 people to pass it on to.

  6. Not always by choice but certainly welcome, our lights go off alot. It is silly little things like Big Birds and squirrels getting caught in a tranformer. And we get some big storms that can really keep us in the dark sometimes. We always get out the candles and talk about when the kids were little or just about things in general. It is a good thing.
    I have TV and all that but it is not the center of our home. I like to know what is going on in the world, but for the longest time we have stayed away from alot of the news. It is such spin that I get upset.
    So turn out those lights sometimes and remember this was the life other generations managed to grow in. Thank you for sharing this...Hugs, Mary

    candle light and art....I bet some of the greatest artist did it all by lamp oil or candles. Love your pages! Okay this a book, not a comment! Trying to get well!

  7. I didn't know about Earth Hour! I'd LOVE to have a cabin in the woods someplace to retreat to every once and a while! I used to LOVE building raw cabins out of fallen trees upon our farm hill when I was younger! Lately, I've been dreaming of going out there and building me a lil get-away cabin! I LOVED cooking on an open fire! Everything tasted better! tee hee

  8. Very nice pages! You have really accomplished a lot this month! And the more you create the better you get!

  9. I love the second one. I think I have that image stored somewhere. I am finished but still did a page today in a different style. I don't think I can stop now.


  10. You are one busy lady! We learned a lot from our battle with Hurricane Ike. We were lucky ... our power was only out one week. We learned very quickly that not having the tv available was no big deal. We didn't miss it. Now we watch the late night news (to get the weather report) and sport events. The rest is not worth watching. The radio and music are great. With the days getting longer, lights don't go on until late ... we won't talk about the AC! :)

  11. I'll bet the satellites did pick up the difference. We didn't participate as we pretty much sit in the dark at night all the time. I have one 13 watt bulb burning in my room right now and that's what I usually have. My husband has a TV going but no lights. Glad you had fun with it.

    I thoroughly agree about the violence. (I read those journal pages, hope you don't mind). You made a whole month of really nice work.

  12. I'm enjoying catching up with your work. These pages are great. I'm glad you have some nice weather. It's been pretty nice here-springy even!
    Turning off the tv always results in more getting done around here.

  13. I like the idea of making this a weekly ritual. I wish I could have joined this time, but as we're stil living at my in-laws, I just can't decide these things (sigh), but as soon as we move, I'll try it like you suggests. What's an hour n the dark with family, it will be fun!

    Kisses and congrats on your new pages, I love to see how your imagination flies.

  14. Really like your journal pages and how I agree with what you've written on the last one! I could have written the first and second ones too:)

  15. I just love those illustrate journal pages! Yes, we participated in Earthhour on Saturday evening here in South Africa and a huge amount of electricity was saved. I agree - why don't we make this a weekly event, if not monthly?

  16. We were out so it was a no brainer, but like you we did wonder if the effect of 'no lights' was visible from space, from Space Lab perhaps.

  17. We don't have TV or newspapers either. I love that you eat oatmeal every day. The Mountain Man eats Frosted Mini-Wheats every day. The kids and I have something different every day, including oatmeal!

  18. I like the idea of making Earth Hour weekly.

  19. Great journal pages, Janet!!! Wow, you have almost completed the whole month. I might finish it in a whole year,,lol. I Love your pages and what you journal too!
    When you move to Tennessee I will share my garden's produce with you and HB!


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