Sunday, March 08, 2009


Did you get up late today? I actually forgot to set the clocks ahead last night but it didn't matter because we just wake up when we wake up! Now that HB isn't working we have a pretty flexible schedule.

We got up and took a walk around the's just about a block from our house so it's a convenient place to exercise. We both enjoy doing a morning walk while the weather is nice. In a couple more months we won't be doing that!

I don't have much today....just another art journal page.

March 7

The black tree is much darker in person and shows up better than the scan. If you can't read the page here you can go to my flickr page (link on right sidebar) and it's in a larger size over there.

The prompt for this one was "oh, the places I have been" I wrote about all the places we've lived. The funny part is that I left out the place where we lived the longest!! I left out CO! When I showed the page to HB he noticed it immediately. But by then it was too late to add it. I guess when you've lived as many places as we have, you lose count after awhile! So two forgetful moments in the past couple of days. I guess that isn't too bad!


  1. I love the colors and it was fun reading about your "gypsy" life. I just finished a gypsy needlework for a challenge. Will post her in about an hour if you want to take a peak. You are right home is where the heart is. Warmly, (even though it is snowing again) Sharon

  2. If you're forgetful, then so are we! Nice change to be able to get up when we want to. Have to set the alarm tomorrow -- art class for Mr. Dragon and museum for me! I think your journal pages are great. Working quickly does make one *smush* paint differently!


  3. so daylight saving has started there? Ours finishes soon.. I must find out when. enjoy the springtime xo

  4. I was clueless about the time change. Had not noticed it was coming up at all. Thank God, DH notices things like this.

    Beautiful journal page, Janet. What medium did you use here?

  5. Don't you love when you do something and forget a big part!? Brain Freeze or maybe just forgetfulness. Yesterday it was cold here and today it is warm, with possible snow tomorrow night. Sigh, who knows? It is springtime in Rockies!

  6. Your journal pages are great.
    I've moved around quite a bit too.
    Even a stint in Colorado as well.
    It's beautiful there.

  7. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Lovely colors....the page really feels alive!

  8. nice not to be ruled by a clock! And I do like this journalpage - lovely colours and shape.

  9. Great journal page. I finished my first one yesterday but I don't really like it that much. I am going to just do them when I can and not stress about catching up.
    Hope you have a creative day.

  10. I really like the colors you use for your journal pages. They look very rich and warm.

  11. I am just as forgetful these days, plus I seem to bump into things all the time! Maybe it's my dwindling least it's not with the car. Love your journaling...I bet CO was beautiful...went there once before I got married.

  12. Forgetfulness is part of my daily life too though we don't do daylight saving here in Queensland so I don't have to worry about that. Your journal page is beautiful, Janet! I love the rich, warm colours and the tree is an awesome element. How wonderful to have lived in all those places.

    love, light and peace,

  13. That's a great journal page. I really like the colors, too. We didn't set the clocks ahead. We usually just get up when we get up, too and on top of that, it was Sunday. Once, though, many years ago, I was supposed to sing a solo at an Easter sunrise service. Totally missed it because I forgot to set the clock ahead. lol

  14. Lovely journal page. Your daylight saving starts earlier than ours, here in UK the clocks go forward the last weekend in March.

  15. What a beautiful journal page and a great story. Wish I could say I have lived in that many places!

  16. I love your journal pages! Your colours are rich and gorgeous! I too get that ol' brain fog, many is the time when I forgot to put the clocks forward or back!
    I too have moved about quite a bit in the past, it was great, but now I relish being a stay-at-home and armchair travelling is alot less taxing. You might like a book I just read, 'When Wanderer's Cease To Roam' by Vivian Swift. It has some really lovely paintings and funny stories.

    hugs :)

  17. Janet, That's a nice art journal page. Love the colors. Yes, it's nice to wake up without alarm clocks. I've done that for years.


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