Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Little Bit of Catch-up....not Catsup!!

Last night I finished the two pages I was behind in for my art journal class....but neither one of them is anything I'd get too excited about!

March 10

All I can say about this one is I like the colors!

March 11

This one needs something at the bottom of the page. I ran out of things to say and still had space left to fill! Maybe I can add something later but for now I'm moving on to the next one.

HB has been very good about me spending so much time in the studio. I pop my head out once in awhile and say something to him and then go right back to my little room. Thank goodness he understands! And he does a lot of the cooking so I haven't even had to worry about "what's for dinner"....and that's wonderful!

What have you been creating?? I haven't made it around to the blogs in a few days so I'm behind on them again. I think the last time I looked there were over 100 posts that I'd missed! But never will see me visit soon. I'm just goin' with the flow right now!


  1. Janet,

    I'm proud of you! I was never able to keep up with Kelly. Your pages look great and there's a lot to be said for *slapping* on the paint! It is freeing. Enjoy your studio time and give your HB an hug or two each day!

    I got some time in today on my journal page that I will try to post tomorrow. Now, it's back to the books!

  2. Oh the colors are so summery!! Love them too! Good for you to spend the time in your workroom. I haven't been working on a darn thing. xo

  3. I have a studio now too! Yay! Now that Sami and kids moved I have lots of space in my house...working on my studio.
    It is wonderful to finally have a place to work. Keep on doing what you's inspiring.

  4. It's quite an undertaking to do a new page each day. I think they ALL look fabulous. I look forward to seeing the new one each day. Good job, Janet!


  5. You do teach me, I love how these turned out...the colors are really amazing. I continue to work on the ABC Book. I am not sure how I feel about it right now, I guess I will just keep pluging away.
    Good-night, Mary

  6. Hi Janet,
    Sometimes I get behind with reading the blogs I follow but, I always seem to catch up. Remember you can't be in two places at once. Your work is lovely so keep it up.

  7. So nice your hubby will cook Janet! Mine can boil eggs, that's it.
    Love your pages...and so nice of you to share them all. you are a very giving person..:) xo betzie

  8. I haven't been doing much in the creative zone. Just doing what needs to get done with Tim and his eye. He is starting to read and I hope to get a scratch board finished today. Some weeks are just like that. Don't you think?

  9. I think your fruit picture is great, it looks so 3D, too.

    You have done some marvelous work while I wasn't looking.

  10. I'm enjoying see everything you've created this week! WOW! I am impressed! But it really is fun to work on projects every day. I have just now learned that!

  11. Great pages! I've been making a lot of pages too. I am usually working on one every day.

    And I always wondered is it Ketchep or Catsup? ha ha... I've seen it spelled both ways.

    Have a great Sunday!

  12. march 10 but the rest are great too! Hmm I shall have to give mine a rework I think! more pages please!


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