Thursday, March 05, 2009

More in My Art Journal....But Not!!

I'm still playing catch-up with Kelly's Prompt a Day! I know I showed you the semi-finished pages yesterday but I did some more on them and now they're as finished as I can do. So here's the pages again....

March 1

I outlined all the white lettering (even though it still doesn't show up very much in the scan), added some lettering down the left side and around one of the clock faces, and darkened up the design on the red paper. I like it better for a first attempt.

March 2

This one was the most difficult for me. The prompt was to think of an invention I'd like to have. I really do wish I could speak and read every foreign language and it would be great if there was just one button I could push to be able to do that! This page has a piece of German text, some Asian text, and I used a stamp that has Italian text and I used the little wooden shoes because they usually signify Dutch. Not my best effort!!! I don't like that blank space on the left.

March 3

The third one was easier. The prompt was to tell about my last gift....the soaps that Snap sent to me. I used the woman's face because she's all gray except for her nose area and since the soaps have such a wonderful fragrance that seemed appropriate. I outlined the writing here and added the Thank You along the side. I think these three pages are finished now!

March 4

As you can see I've only done part of the background on the fourth one. Today I hope to finish it and work on the one for today. Whew! It's not easy catching up even when I'm only a couple of days behind.


  1. You are improving, and improving.. I love to follow this up! :o)

  2. These are very interesting!

  3. Kelly keeps you busy! Enjoy and have fun! These all look wonderful.

  4. You are doing great work Janet--I love them all.
    I think the page with the blank spot is ok as it seems to balance out with the bottom right hand corner.
    Well done you.

  5. OMG, Janet! Your journal pages keep getting better and better! I LOVE these latest ones!

  6. Janet,

    I love your pages…
    Great job, I was hoping to get an art journal started this winter but I didn’t.
    So I will enjoy your pages and be inspired.


  7. Your art journal layouts are beautiful!



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