Sunday, March 15, 2009

More Pages!....

Even though I've been missing from Blogland for a few days, I've been keeping busy in the studio. One of my online classes started this weekend and I've been playing around with some new techniques....hope to have lots of fun stuff to show you soon.

For now all I have are my daily journal pages for Kelly Kilmer's class. If you're getting tired of seeing these just let me know. It's about the only art I am able to show you at this time. So many things I'm working on are surprises or such.

March 12

This one is ok but I think the greenish gray paper is too splotchy and takes away from the words. This class is definitely a learning experience!

March 13

I'm happy with this one and how it turned out.

March 14

In the midst of everything I've managed to reorganize my studio and this time I think it's working for me. I know I've said that in the past but I think I might have actually hit on some things that work. The most important thing I've learned is to clean up after each project! What a concept, huh? But I tend to just go from one thing to another and then another and pretty soon everything is out and it's all a big jumble. I bought 2 sets of 12x12 drawers, 3 drawers in each, and I'm sorting all my images into those drawers. That has been my worst to keep images/ephemera sorted out and easily accessible.

I don't have all the drawers labeled yet but this is what I'm doing....

The last two drawers will be "words" and "inspiration"....things that inspire me and make me think.

I also sorted out and straightened one of my bookcases in the studio....

And here's a closeup of the top shelf where I put all the books that I'm most interested in looking at right now....this picture is clickable so you can read the titles.

That's about all I've been doing. Nothing too exciting here at Chez Lavender!!


  1. Love your pages. And your studio! Nice! Any free time to come on over and get ME organized????

  2. I am enjoying seeing the pages you've made! I especially love the red one, learning! I like what you've written on them. I like to do images but not write! lol Love your organization! I took some pics of mine that I'll post soon. Please keep sharing your art at Chez Lavender! I love it!

  3. I love how your pages are turning out. I think they look wonderful!

  4. These pages look like fun! I bought a drawer exactly like that two weeks ago, my painted filled the whole thing. I may have to get another. I do love it. Very easy access and quite tidy!!

    Hugs Giggles

    I have been MIA as far as blogging and visits too! Hard to be creative and fit everything else in too!

  5. You've been busy! Good for you for keeping up with your pages.And organizing. I always get behind in journaling. sometimes I think I have nothing to say! how's your daughter doing/

  6. I don't out and organizing always seems exciting to me. I always find something I started working on but put aside for something...and yes, I return to it.

    The pages are wonderful. It seems as if you're doing soul searching as well as art. That is beautiful!

    OK, maybe it's the bronchitis medication making me sappy. ;P

  7. Janet,

    I think your pages are getting better and better. I think the best thing I did was to sign up for Kelly's class. Love your organization too. I have almost the same books as you do.


  8. Aloha Janet.. You've been cleaning!! lol..
    I love and was drawn to the autumn colours of the first's so pretty. :)
    thanks for sharing..Peace, Kai

  9. Nothing too exciting???!!! Wow! You've been busy! I agree with Rosa ... do you rent out? !!!!

  10. Love the pages and I seem to recognise some of those books that you have.

  11. You are an busy lady.
    I enjoy looking at your pages, I like March 13th best.

  12. Janet - your pages are really good, one Q though... how do you know what to write...on the page? I really have troubel writing anything that I can show as its so private, so how do you write stuff thats able to be displayed? Do you have a prompt page somewhere? Where is Kellies blog?

  13. Lovely work
    i need to re orginize to. Things all over the place at the moment

  14. Ok, open Pretty Little Things, and Paper Jewelry, I want to read awhile....I need a bookcase in my craft room, mine are all in the computer room.Don't you just love the organizers?

  15. I think it's wonderfully exciting. I'm always excited when I get the chance to be creative.
    I love the pages, but the second one is my favorite, both the colors and the WORDS!

  16. Pick up after project,sounds good. I will have to think about that.
    I love the one with the little girl. It looks like it could be you. I love these pages, they are the best! Back to getting things done before Arney gets home...I must look like I have done some house cleaning..TEE HEE.
    Your, Mary

  17. Your journal pages are so beautiful... I love the one about learning. I feel the same way about learning. Great job on the organizing!

  18. Janet, I could never tire of seeing your beautiful journal pages. I feel so inspired when you post them so please keep 'em coming.

    You have a great selection of books there. I have a few of them myself. I like your idea for sorting your images....I might try to implement that in my own studio.

  19. I love the pages! enjoy your classes xo


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