Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Taking a Walk....

Each morning HB and I try to take a walk in the park that's just down the street from our house. This morning I took my camera with me and I'll share a couple of pictures with you.

This is the path we walk along. It goes around the perimeter of the park.

This is part of the open area....I think they may use this for soccer or other sports. It's also a staging area when we have the big hot air balloons at the park.

These trees give you an idea of the wind we get around here! Notice how they're all leaning to one side (east) and barely have any branches on the other side!! We do get some wind around here!! Today it was very calm, sunny and not too cool.

Look at how misshapen this poor tree is....all from the wind!

I recently added a couple of pictures to my photo blog, too....the link is over there on the right side of this blog.


I'm constantly running a day or so behind in my art journal but so far I've made a page for each day this month. Here is the one for March 15....

And just so you know I'm really doing something else, here's a little peek at a portion of a piece I'm doing in the layering and texture class....

This piece isn't finished yet. There's one section of it that needs work but when I finish I'll share the whole thing with you.

I hope you're all having a good day filled with sunshine and art and smiles!!


  1. Thanks for the photos. Love those trees. Our snow is melting but we seem to get a little more every morning. I am so anxious for summer. I am envious of your nice walks. I'd be dodging snow and mud puddles. :) Sharon

  2. I can't wait to see what you have done with the layered and textured piece.

  3. Loved taking a walk with you. I'm surprised you have the time ... two classes going at once! You are a busy gal!


  4. The Tree's really reminded me of being in your area. My Mother had some that looked a little bent.
    You have a very special place to walk. I will have to take pictures of what we call the Green Belt. It goes all around Nampa, I like to ride my bike on good days. I can't walk very far, I have some back problems that keep me from doing some things. I decided this winter to go as far as I could without pain...hopeful that I could go further if I push it a little. Arney and I are off to the market, we are almost bare.
    Have you been to my blog, I did some things for this Green Day.
    I love what you are doing with this Journal. I am busy, but haven't taken any pictures to share yet. Your, Mary

  5. What a great place to walk. Have you clocked it, do you know how far you are going? I really enjoy walking. That piece with the textur
    sure looks interesting, will be watching to see it finished.We are in revival this week.

  6. Aloha Janet,
    thanks for sharing your visuals with me, I love the misshapen tree, it's kinda groovy.. :)
    peace, Kai xx

  7. Hi, Janet
    I just wanted to stop by to say hello and thank you for visiting my blog and entering my OWOH contest.
    I had a lot of entries and I am still trying to get back to everyone to say hello.
    I have heard of people who won multiple prizes! I didn't win any :(
    Your blog looks great and I've bookmarked it so I can come back later and visit longer.

  8. Anonymous6:52 PM

    I love that tree, his shape crafted by nature, it must be wonderful to be so attuned to your environment.

  9. Thanks for sharing the pics. i love to see where my friends live! Can't believe those windblown trees! Your grocery list cracked me up. heee and I love the textured piece.

  10. The wind must be strong to make those trees so one-sided, they look like the trees we see up on the high moorland. It looks quite a big park so must give you a good walk eachday.

  11. Those trees remind me of living in the south-west part of Wyoming. I don't recall a day that wasn't windy....and a bad hair day, thanks to the winds, was the norm for me. LOL

    Great journal page....can't wait to see the whole of the mixed media piece you are working on.

  12. Hi Janet...
    I LOVE the textured piece.
    Can't wait to see it finished and how you did that.

  13. I forgot to mention how beautiful the flowering tree was in the other post.

    You must have some wind there. The trees in ND do not even look like that and we have lots of windy days.

  14. I love Link Within. It has brought me to so many posts I have missed. Love the trees here, Janet. They very much remind me of some of the trees on campus. When they were young, they were bent by the wind and now always look like a strong wind will just knock them over. They are gloriously yellow ginkos in the Fall and they manage to stay up from year to year. We have not lost a one but have lost more than a few pines and cedars.


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