Monday, April 27, 2009

Am I Crazy? Don't Answer That!!

A fresh new week is beginning and I've done it again! I've jumped in with both feet and put myself under the gun! Gary Reef has challenged us to do a piece of art every day for 30 days and I've accepted! It begins on May 1st. I'm already taking part (very loosely) in Leah's Creative Every Day challenge for the year, I've been keeping up with my art journal pages each day since the beginning of March, I'm doing Mary Ann's stencil class, and I have another class waiting in the what's one more challenge!! I said my word for this year is GROW and I guess I'm growing.

I did a small painting/collage on a piece of cardboard from a food box....

It was an experiment and I'm happy with it. The lower right corner is very is too a word!!

In Mary Ann's class this week we cut bursts of rays stencils. She uses them quite often in her art. Here are a couple of quickie samples of one of my stencils....

Both of these were just trying out new stencils. The circles and swirls are both new stencils I bought and wanted to test so I put them on the paper first. Then I cut my burst of rays stencils and decided to test them on the same pages. I like all of them plus I also have a burst of rays stencil that goes out in a circle like rays of the sun but I didn't spray it yet. We're still having quite a bit of wind and it was a challenge to just get these couple of tests done.

As for the Poppy Festival....we didn't go. HB got busy working on his "honey do" list and I didn't want to disturb him!!


  1. Hey, crazy is good! I mean you could just be sitting on the sofa, watching bad reality TV and eating bon- bons, right? I'd take 'crazy' any day over that. And just think of all the cool things you are going to make.

  2. Goodness! I'm tired just reading about what you've been doing! You go girl! Like the new stencils. Have you counted all your stencils? :D :D :D


  3. These are so wonderful Janet. About another challenge. The challenge to my addiction would be to ONLY do "ONE" piece of art every day for 30 days. I'm trying so hard to back off and do a few other things with my life for a while. LOL

  4. Wow! You ARE busy... not crazy. I love the red one!

  5. Aloha Janet,
    Yes you are and that's why we love you and your gorgeous art!!
    Peace, Kai xx

  6. After reading your post....I need to take a nap!!!!! You go girl, your not crazy you are an artist who has the motto.... so much to create, so little time. I so enjoy your posts. Take care and don't forget to stop and eat. Sharon

  7. Your mind is restless, woman! :o) I couldn't imagine myself taking part of so many projects, and doing so great!

    Just great!

    Kisses from us.

  8. I wish I were half as crazy as you Janet then maybe I could do wonderful art just like yours.

  9. I really admire you for taking the challenges. I hope I can do this someday soon and learn from it. You need to read the book Outliers that I would really love it and be proud of yourself!

  10. I love how you try lots of different things. And the colors you use are so vibrant! Laughed at your word ' texture-y'. Think that describes the bottom rhand corner of your art piece very well.

    Am loving your stencil art too.

    You are so good to take on a 30 day art challenge. Look forward to seeing what you come up with!

    Dot xx

  11. i love it, the black and white, really great. I am in process of making the sun rays....the weather here is cold and windy....what class in waiting in the wings. I am waiting to take Julies class (lost luggage)

  12. Wow, that is a big commitment...
    However, I am enjoying all of the results …

    great work,

  13. When we find somthing new that we love, it can get a little crazy. But what a wonderful madness!
    You know that I am loving what you are doing. We are along for the ride,have fun...Your Mary

  14. I love your 'experiment' - it's beautiful especially the rosebud, like the lion's head too. Hope the wind is easing up so you can feed your spray and stencil addiction:)

  15. Love these stencils, Janet!!!!

  16. Hi classmate! :)

    We are in it up to our necks this month aren't we? And you're taking another class along with Julie's and Gary's 30 day challenge too! Wow!

    I love your artwork and your blog. Looking forward to taking a good long look around.

  17. When do you have time to eat, or sleep, or for paying attention to HB? He must be very understanding.

    So glad that this is your year to GROW!


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