Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another Month of Art Journaling....

When I looked at my blog this morning I realized I haven't been posting my journal pages for several days. And since this is the end of April I thought I better get them I have a busy day today and not much time to write!

So here are the pages that will finish up this second month of my art journal....I can't believe I've kept this going for two months!

April 24

April 25

This has a freehand stencil I cut as the background.

April 26

April 27

Once again I had trouble with pens. I never seem to be able to write over paint like everyone else does! I have a box jammed full of every kind of pen known to man and I always have this problem.

April 28

April 29

April 30

Again with the pen problem!!!

Have some fun today!!


  1. I really enjoyed every page.So colorful and thoughtful. What a treasure you have. I must ask what pen or pencil did you use for writing on the black? It came out wonderful and I have something I need to do on black. Thanks for the help. Sharon

  2. My favorites are the first one with the beautiful reds...and the last one with the bird! You have really expanded your style! Beautiful!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! My favorites are the 28th and 29th, though they are all wonderful.

  4. I love the journal page with the cat stencil ... loved that your cats are giving Mom a hard time ... !!!!

    I am using Faber Castell Black Marking Pens. I found them (4 pack) on sale at Office Max (or one of those office places) ... by chance. So far, they've worked on whatever I wanted to write on. We'll see! :D

  5. Anonymous11:10 AM

    How about this: Cover the area you want to write on with gloss medium.. polymer gloss medium...or matte medium for a slight haze.. The pens are skipping because they are hitting an area they don't like. It everything is should be ok..

    once the pens have issues though, it's really hard to get them back into shape. I used to have to throw a lot of them out.

  6. I loved the April 24 and 27 ones. I use acrylic paint (the stuff of amateurs and cheap people, ha) and I don't have trouble using ballpoint pen over it.

  7. Beautiful-I especially love the first one with all those colors-so pretty :)

  8. Great colours and textures Janet. I love them..!

  9. Yes you are a wonderful artist! I love these journal pages you've created! My fav. is the one w/ black cat but of course and your image of the ~flexible body~ speaks to me!
    sigh..wish I was as thin and flexible as she! :)NG

  10. I'm loving these journal pages...especially the first one.

  11. I can't believe it's 2 months already and you haven't run out of ideas yet--you go girl.

  12. I to have enjoyed these pages and seen your growth as an artist, wow you are doing a wonderful job.

  13. I love pages from the 24th, 27th, and the last one with the bird...
    That first one though just really is so amazing.
    I have trouble with pens too...especially the gel pens. I swear they last one time and that's it!

  14. All your journal pages are great.
    I have problems writing also but it still looks wonderful.

  15. I also like the first journal page - good words there.

  16. Just look at all those beautiful pages! You have been one busy lady! Keep on having fun - oops, just saw the post below this one and I guess that's an enabling sort of thing to say - but not all addictions are all bad (especially the creative ones) - at least I hope not!

  17. I love your pages, they are VERY artistic. Holey Smokes Janet, your "freehand" stencils are way nicer than the printed patterns I struggle to cut! I love the cat and the bird as well, and that yoga lady is swell...I'm still searching magazines for a pose like that. Not to be found in my fashion mags. though.

  18. Dear Janet,
    I have been so ensconced in my own art world that I have lost sight of many of my dear blog friends. It is nothing personal you understand and it's only been due to keeping my focus towards a goal. Since I finally reached the goal I am going to try to be better about stopping in to say hello. I love all that you are doing, learning, experimenting with in your art. The stencils are fabulous, reminding me I need to cut some of my own. You've really been busy with classes and such and I amazed and awed at your results.
    I have missed you greatly and send you big hugs!

  19. Your journal pages get better and better, I especially like the one with the cat and the one from the 24th.

  20. Can you believe I remember that purple outfit? I was always so impressed with your mothers talents
    It was always obvious how much she loved you in all the things she did for you. I'm really liking these pages.


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