Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hello! My Name is Janet....

And I'm addicted to books!!! I had to get some milk this morning so I ran over to the new store that just opened....the one that just happens to be right next door to Barnes & Noble!! I couldn't go to one store and not stop in at the wouldn't be neighborly! And besides I had a coupon from B&N so I HAD to use it otherwise I'd be losing money....right?

I bought the two books in front today and the one at the back is the one I bought just a couple of days ago. I had to get the "Journal Bliss" because it's by Violette and I love her blog and her art. "Creative Awakenings" was recommended by Kate so I bought it, too. I think I'll avoid B&N for a few days and see if I can't kick this habit! I don't hold much hope for that but you just never know!

I mentioned the other day that I had received an automotive product that I wanted to try since it's at the basis of much of Gary's texture and layering class. He has told us we can share a bit about what we did as long as we clearly state that this is a technique developed by him.... Gary Reef. So here's what I did....

This is a canvas board and I first glued down some textured paper along one side and the top. The piece of cardboard was inside the "Creative Paint Workshop" book. I took the end of a paintbrush and ran it up through the grooves of the cardboard and got a bunch of curly pieces that looked cool. I glued the cardboard to the canvas. Then I cut several moon-shaped pieces of cardstock and glued them together in a stack and glued it to the canvas.

Plain old aluminum foil went over most of the piece....smooshing it down into the crevices, nooks, and crannies.

Sorry the picture is so blurry but you can see that I just splopped paint on over the foil and the textured paper. In my mind I saw the grooves of the cardboard as tree trunks in a forest and all the curly bits at the top as the leaves on the trees! I know....I have a weird imagination!!!

Then the automotive goo goes over everything. When it dries use turpentine and spritz it on, wiping away as much as you want. It leaves a yummy rich, brown color in all those crevices, nooks, and crannies.

Unfortunately my end result is not something I like but you get the picture about how the process is done....

It didn't turn out like I had hoped and I don't like anything about it! See I even show you the goof-ups! But at least I was trying!!

And DARN!! It's still been very windy here so I can't spray paint. I'm just itching to wear my respirator, press that little nozzle and watch magic happen. But instead maybe I'll try some more automotive goo and see if I can come up with something I like better. The first couple of times I tried it, I loved the results. In case you missed them, you can see them here and here at the bottom of the page.

Now I'm off to go read these new books and learn lots of fun stuff!


  1. Hello, Janet. I'm addicted to books, too!

    Very interesting method -- thanks for the tutorial. It's always fun to find a new (and totally unexpected) product. I'm trying to stay away from the book stores -- too tempting.

  2. I love this. What do you mean, it didn't turn out??? It's wonderful! But I am the same way. I envision things one way and then they come out another and I give up. I shouldn't do that and neither should you! It's absolutely perfect! xo

  3. I like it, and the books are so tempting. I think the sky is what I like with the little Moon, I am a Moon girl as you know. I was the little girl that would set up in her window and look at the moon forever. I was a lonely kid sence I lived with my Grandparents and wanted my parents to take care of me. So sometimes I would think my Mother might be looking at the same Moon. I was a dreamer, there were no kids to play with where we lived. So I spent alot of time dreaming. Hugs, Mary

  4. Very scary how similar our entries are. We definitely have the same taste in books. And the same love of books

  5. I think it is maybe a good thing we don't live to close together.We would be in so much trouble. Now I have my coupon in hand and I am off to B % N and it's all your fault. Yup it is! By the way I like your tree. So there. LOL Sharon

  6. Barnes and Noble ... three very dangerous words! I loved seeing the *goo* technique and I liked it. I agree with Rosa ... keep trying (I know you will).

  7. So Janet, is this book addiction contagious? I just ordered the Creative Paint Workshops book today and my daughter gave me a $25.00 Barnes & Noble gift card that she says has been in her wallet forever :]
    Love your creation-I think it turned out beautifully!

  8. Hello - my name is Terri and I'm addicted to books too...
    Maybe you should start a support group - though I don't know how effective that would be, lol, since already I want to get another book just after visiting here right now! I didn't realize Violette's book was in the bookstores already...
    I like your forest picture, Janet. Looking forward to seeing more auto goop paintings

  9. My kids will verify that I have a book addiction too. Great choices!

    I loved seeing the different stages of your mixed media piece, Janet, and I like the way it turned out. Gary's mixed media techniques are fantastic. I feel like a child in a candy/lolly shop when I visit his You Tube channel.

  10. Janet,
    You are having TOO much fun these days!!! Nahhh...can never have enough of that! I love your new endeavors! You go girl... and who can resist books??? Old,new,as long as they speak to us!!! Life is good..:) Hugs xoxo

  11. I'm a bookaholic too and I wish there was a B& N next to my local store! I actually rather like the piece of art that 'didn't turn out'. I suppose if you have a vision of what you want to do and it turns out differently you'd feel that way but anyone just seeing the finished piece will see it with an unbiased eye.

  12. I like this art piece, the dark place on the lower right hand corner looks like an entry into the forest. Can you not colage on top of this...I see a doorway or a gate or ????
    If a person has to have an addiction, I can't think of a better one to have than BOOKS!

  13. i am another book addict!
    at the moment i am yearning for a new journal~but i have quite a few already!

  14. Wow. Love the effect and seeing the step by step process was very interesting. Practice makes perfect but I think you have made an excellent start.

    Oh, I love the wind. Feels so good but I know a lot of people don't and I think I'm in a minority.

  15. Hi Janet,
    I have the same addiction too! I can't stop myself. I wind up at Borders because it's nearby. Then I spend days agonizing about my purchases.
    Your art piece is fascinating. I am intrigued by the process.
    Enjoy your fun.
    Hugs, Janet

  16. Oh Janet! I haven't visited for a while and I was amazed at what I saw! What a treat to read your blog! You are on a creative fast-track! Wonderful art! I love how you dove in your classes and are enjoying them. Everything is amazing! And yes - that piece of cardboard does look like a tree. It's a beautiful painting. xoxoxo

  17. even when things arent turning out how you wanted...the energy on your blog is just so inspiring! I went on the reef site and got so lost!!! ther is so much going on there! it looks like he has given you tons of ideas though.

  18. Books are so much fun. I can probably spend, nah I do spend more time with books and computer than I should. The jigsaw puzzle thing has been driving me nuts.

  19. Janet.....i LOVE what you did come you don't like it? It's very rich and textural and deep!??? Anyways i hope you learn to look at your piece differently.

    Thank you so much for posting a picture of Journal're the best!

    Sorry i haven't visited for a while....i am in awe of your creativity these days.

    Love violette
    p.s. i'm addicted to books too!

  20. I LOVE books, too! I am always reading at least 2 books at the same time! And looking through magazines and coming to YOUR blog to be inspired! I have some catching up to do now!


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