Monday, April 13, 2009

How I Spent My Easter Sunday....

Ugh! My tummy hurts....must be from candy overload!! Was the Easter Bunny good to you? Actually I have to be truthful and say I didn't eat any candy at all yesterday. In fact there isn't any candy in the house!! My treat yesterday was a fudge bar....the frozen kind. HB cooked a ham for himself....I don't eat meat. We had an enjoyable day just hanging out together. It was his last day of leisure for a few weeks as he begins a new work project today. He'll be working at a new medical facility that is being built about five minutes from our it will be a long commute for him!!

Miracle of miracles there was not much wind yesterday so I was able to drag all my stencils and spray paint outside and play in the fresh air. I guess when I got finished the air wasn't so fresh anymore....and I don't like that aspect of stenciling. Mary Ann has given us some alternatives to spray paint but I haven't tried them yet. As with most things related to art, I'd have to order it all online and I'm too impatient to wait!!

Here are the things I did yesterday....

These are all done on Bristol. This is the only one done on a smaller size of 9x12. The rest are all 11x14. On this one I used a plastic leaf but didn't like how it turned out so I covered up most of it. You may also be able to see the red paint is starting to spray out in splops (I need to clean the nozzle) but I rather like the way it sprayed out across the page.

This one I sprayed the background in black and left it kind of splotchy, then added touches of antique gold, red and white.

I liked this one until I decided to add the white across the center....that ruined it! But this is all a learning experience so I guess it's ok.

Lavender background with a little yellow, black and white. I need some more paint colors!!

Of all of these I think I like this one the best. It started with another plastic leaf I can just barely see part of it in the center. The leaves don't seem to be giving me the look I'm after so I'll keep looking for the perfect one.

I finished putting my portfolio together with some duct tape, and then I added ribbon ties. The ribbon was on a recent gift from a blogger friend and I thought it matched my portfolio! Love it....there's only other thing I plan to add when I get another initials. I have some letter stencils but they're all too small. I want something fairly big so it will stand out against the background.

I hope you all had a fun day and did something you enjoyed.


  1. More gorgeous stencil work. Love these. can't believe how versatile this method seems. Nice work my friend

    Hugs June xxx

  2. Hi Janet, your certainly going to town with this stencilling. I do the same when I enjoy doing something.

  3. barbara9:19 AM

    Oh Janet, I think they all look awesome. The first one, with the B&W and red, what is that fan shaped border, it is on the bottom, I know it is lace of some kind, but very cool looking. I think the one with the white band across is not as bad as you think. How about running a narrow strip of something along each edge, maybe like the b&w ribbon you used for a closure on the portfolio. It might soften the edges of the white some, which I think may be what you don't like about it. Good for you, moving right along. I haven't even been able to do my spraying outside because I did not get home till late Friday, it rained Sat. and Sunday, and today the wind is crazy bad. You are way ahead of me!

  4. I just love what you're doing....I am hooked on stenciling with whatever I can get my hands on. You'll see some of it soon in my new stuff...BUT I don't use spray paint. I actually may get a can or two at some point and play with it though.
    I love your combinations and colors. AND your layering...that tree is fabulous!! I am with you that I love trees and the structure with no leaves.
    You've been busy in the studio too....doesn't it feel sublime?
    We had a couple of choccie eggs but that's it...I don't need anything more to add to this growing girth of mine. (the draw back of sedentary studio life)

  5. Janet
    I am constantly amazed at the quantity and quality of the work/art you produce. I wish you lived closer. I would love to have you teach me some of your techniques. It is all just beautiful!


  6. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Sweet Mary...If I didn't know wnay better I'd think for sure that Ms. Moss made those herself!! They look incredible...I love the colors you are using..sometimes too many colors clouds the look..I like the rawness of few colros..

    By the way..placed a dick blick order and it arrives in THREE days with normal shipping....three can do it! lol

  7. Anonymous12:11 PM

    arrived...arrived in three days..

  8. I can't pick a favourite as they are all so nice. I do like the effect of the red spray paint.

    Cool portfolio!

  9. Wow, Janet. Your stencil work is just great! I'm loving it, too! We had a quiet day. Hoppy Easter!

  10. Wow Janet! I Love your stencil paintings. I have seen these done at some other blogs that I visited but none are as pretty as yours! I have alot of stencils and I want to try this too. Its been way too windy here lately. What kind of paint are you using?
    Happy Late Easter!!!

  11. Janet,

    I understand about the wind as its too windy here to do anything. I did buy 2 more cans of paint and 2 stencil today. Maybe tomorrow I can play. Your pages are incredible!


  12. No candy for me, but the boys made out (even the little neighbor in from LA who spent the night--I think the Easter Bunny forgot about him elsewhere, pout). Love your new stuff. Gorgeous, as always!!! xo

  13. Very nice Janet. You are learning alot of new techniques.
    Go girl!

  14. I absolutely LOVE your finished portfolio.
    I still need to buy duct tape an appropriate color. It's not easy to find.

  15. the stencil work is pretty. it's nice to play with spray paint and do what you like. :)

  16. I just love this stencil work. You are making me want to go out and buy spray paint. So much to learn and so little time. Katelen

  17. Love the finished portfolio. The ribbon is a great idea! I'm not the only one having fume issues but I did make a "spray station" with a big cardboard box to contain the paint from going everywhere.

  18. It's great that HB found work so close to home...
    Glad you had a nice relaxing Easter together.
    Each and every one of these pieces of art are so lovely, glad you are having fun doing them.

  19. Wow what fabulous stencilling!

    I love your colours and sense of composition.

  20. Glad you enjoyed your day - similar sort of one to ours. Quiet but good and no candy here either:) Of the stencils my favourite is the one that you like best too.

  21. Janet, Your portfolio pages are gorgeous. I love the colors you used and variety of stencils. Thanks for sharing, Paula

  22. Janet! Your portfolio is amazing! I love your colors! Amazing! Can't wait to see more! I love your blog!

  23. Wow! Your stencil work is beautiful! I love your use of colour and composition. I'm glad you're enjoying the class - I'm having so much fun playing with spray paint! :)


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