Friday, April 24, 2009

Keepin' On....

I went to Joann's yesterday....had another one of those 50% coupons that was running out! I only bought some spray paint this time. And I got my favorite color....PURPLE!!!!

But no spray painting the past couple of days. It's been very windy. Cooler, which I love but with the cooler air came the wind. My wind chimes on the back patio have really been working overtime!

So since I can't show you any spray painting I guess I'll catch up on my art journal pages. I'm still doing them every day and believe me, that amazes me!

April 20

This is one of the stencils I cut the other day. I just love her! I remember dressing like this!!!! There's a lot of texture on the right side of the page but it doesn't show up in the scan.

April 21

This was one of those quickie days. I tried a stencil in the upper left corner but it didn't do too good. I like the image though.

April 22 Earth Day

April 23

This page had all the images on it and just sat there for quite awhile. Then I looked at the Priority 1 tag and thought....ME!! We all need to put ourselves as #1. Thank you, Oprah!!


  1. I just love April 20th, and yes, I was a hippie…
    My favorite item in my closet was my pair of Indian boots…
    My second was my maxi coat…


  2. These are all just great!

  3. You have been busy! I too love the April 20th page. But Earth Day is great too.

  4. Love your hippie lady! I'm having a hard time doing one journal page a week! You go girl!

  5. Love, love, love all of the pages, especially yesterday's.
    Can't wait to see what you do with the purple spray paint!

  6. Right on, sista! You are really going on the the look of that! No, I guess I wasn't a hippie then...I would be now

  7. I'm SO glad the weather's cooled down again - I wasn't ready for that heat. Thankfully we haven't had as much wind here. Hope you get some 'calmer' days too, so you can get back to spraypainting!
    These are all so cool, Janet - I especially love the hippie one - you really captured the clothes and the dancer's movements. Groovy! ;-)

  8. Hi, Janet,

    Sorry you didn't win my drawing, but I have some stencils for you. I went through your recent posts again and noticed that you have a lot of different ones so I hope I am not duplicating them. Don't buy any more for a while - LOL!

  9. Janet,

    I really like the stencils you are cutting yourself. How great that you can discipline yourself to work in your art journals every day. I have tried to do this and never succeed.

  10. Yes we do. I love them all Janet.

  11. Hi Janet....
    Hope you are enjoying the breezes.
    It's been nice here too.
    I like both your stencils and images.Very cool!

  12. Of course you must have Purple spray paint.
    I think we all have a little hippie in us from way back when.
    I love what you are that I am done with Bearie things, I will get going on other things.
    Looking forward to seeing the purple after the wind stops blowing...we have it here right now also.

  13. on your hippy girl you forgot "sans bra". LOL We burnt them.


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