Friday, April 24, 2009

Keepin' On....

I went to Joann's yesterday....had another one of those 50% coupons that was running out! I only bought some spray paint this time. And I got my favorite color....PURPLE!!!!

But no spray painting the past couple of days. It's been very windy. Cooler, which I love but with the cooler air came the wind. My wind chimes on the back patio have really been working overtime!

So since I can't show you any spray painting I guess I'll catch up on my art journal pages. I'm still doing them every day and believe me, that amazes me!

April 20

This is one of the stencils I cut the other day. I just love her! I remember dressing like this!!!! There's a lot of texture on the right side of the page but it doesn't show up in the scan.

April 21

This was one of those quickie days. I tried a stencil in the upper left corner but it didn't do too good. I like the image though.

April 22 Earth Day

April 23

This page had all the images on it and just sat there for quite awhile. Then I looked at the Priority 1 tag and thought....ME!! We all need to put ourselves as #1. Thank you, Oprah!!