Friday, April 03, 2009

I'm Getting Stencil Fever!

So far, this month is shaping up to be very creative! I'm still spending most of my time in the studio and lovin' every minute of it.

The stencil class that I'm signed up for (you can learn about it here) will begin one week from today and I can't wait!!!

I've been busy rounding up things I can use as stencils but I haven't come close to the ones Lee blogged about today! She has found some great items and at bargain prices! I have found these new papers that everyone seems to be talking about now....

I found all of these at either Joann's or Michael's. I'm showing the back of the paper because it shows up better but the fronts are in bright colors if you wanted to use them for something else. I just think they make great stencils. And here's one I cut myself....


I managed to make a little picture yesterday in between working on eleventeen hundred other things (I'm channeling Crazy Aunt Purl!!)....

The little houses at the bottom are from a collage sheet I bought from Zorana quite some time ago. This is maybe a 4"x 4" square canvas and I had painted it with some leftover paint last week. So yesterday I just plopped on the images, printed out some words and Voila!....a little piece of art.

I am still working on a couple of things from my layering class and as soon as I finish them I'll show you. I had some problems and had to re-do parts of a couple of I have re-done twice! But I think this time I have it!


  1. the painting is great.....I got those papers to, they make great stencils.

  2. What pretty new papers! I was at Michael's the other day and didn's see any of those! JoAnn's around here. We are like Mayberry...oh well, I'll just come and drool here! Such a cute little house canvas! Happy creating Janet!

  3. Love the picture. Stencilling class huh - hoe do you find time for all the classes?

  4. Janet,

    I can't wait either. I need those papers now. I thought I had enough stuff but those look great. I guess I need to go back to Michaels, I got some Bristol paper earlier this week. I've got 5-6 colors of spray paint and some of the colorwash, so I am set there. I don't have many stencils though. Thanks for the tip on the paper.


  5. This is the first time I've seen that paper! Love. It.
    I'm having to stay away from places like JoAnn's or Michael's for a while. I need to use my stash.
    Love the little collage!

  6. Hi Janet,
    Thanks for the great idea. I bought some of those laser papers months ago, but never used them. Now I'm going to use them as stencils.

    This is why I love you are always inspiring.


  7. Busy, busy, busy! Love the little picture ... noticed heART. :)

  8. Pretty stencils and love the sweet little painting you did. I'm glad you're enjoying your studio time... it's such a great escape, isn't it. Hope you enjoy your class and come back to tell us all about it.


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