Monday, April 20, 2009

It's a New Week....

Did you have a good weekend? Did you have nice weather? If not, you may not want to read any farther! We had spectacular weather....on Sunday it was 80º in the shade! HB and I did some work in the yard and enjoyed the fresh air, the birds singing, and blue skies. Today they are predicting 93º here!

With all that good weather I still got some art done inside. Here are my most recent completed art journal pages....

April 16

This one says: be calm - live in the moment - meditate - live a good life

April 17

This was a page I had started a long time ago, and that day I was busy so I decided to finish it. Nothing special!

April 18

"Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls...."

April 19

"Imagine the life you dream of....and make it happen"


Over the weekend I cut several new stencils. I showed you a couple of them Saturday....the woman walking and the yoga pose. Here is another one I like. It's on unfinished pages....

I can see this one used in so many ways....I'm very excited about it.

Then I took a copy of this drawing (I did this in the early 90's from a picture in a magazine) and cut a stencil....

I'm not so sure about how it looks. And I had to paint this in with regular acrylics because I ran out of black spray paint and didn't have time to go get anymore. Today that's at the top of my list!


  1. Oh, I like the "flying girls" one... the one you're excited about. If I can figure out why I can't get my rear in the studio (see my most recent post) then one day I'd like to try a journal page too. It looks like there is no end to how creative you can be! Have a great week!

  2. I think both the stencils are great. I love the perspective on the bottom one. Really neat.
    We had a good weekend of weather, but now we have cold rain. I guess the garden needs it.

  3. You sure are prolific! nicely done :-)

  4. You will, all by yourself, keep the spray can paint business going! I really enjoyed your journal pages .. especially the one with door. Loved the last stencil. Smart, you are, to use one of your drawings. (Sounds like Yoda!)

  5. I love them all but I adore the mediate one. And the drawing you did way back when? Daig girl. You are darn good! xoxo

  6. Aloha Janet,
    I like the different forms your art is taking.. I'm not posting any of hussie that I am..

    Happy Earth week to you and HB..
    Peace, Kai

  7. Very nice! Love the quote about the exotic places....and the bridge!

  8. They are ALL just beautiful. I love the quotes, too. We had amazing weather the last few days--very unseasonably HOT. Today it was 100 in Coronado! I rather like it. It still cools off at night, so sleeping isn't a problem.

  9. I love your pages, and the one you did from your drawings look great.

  10. We had a lovely weekend too but not as good as 80 degrees. I don't envy you the temp of 93 though:)
    I love what you've written on the first journal page about 'living in the moment' - that is such wise advice.

  11. The weather was wonderful here as well but yesterday was back to the 40's and the same today.
    I spent Sunday making little paper purses… I should have spent more time outside.
    I love the quote about
    exotic places....


  12. Nice work Janet! I'm inspired to start another art journal. One can work on two at once, huh? I'm putting a foot outside my safety box and going to do two instead of waiting til one is finished. Geesh, think of all the time and years of art I've wasted! ;) xoxoxo

  13. Stencil from the drawing -- what a great idea! Fabulous! (I like them both!)

  14. It was 88 today...worked in the yard early this morning then spent the day going back and forth doing some napkin floweres. I will post them tomorrow. They are another craft for the Tea Party. When I was about 9 I learn to do these for a wedding car...never forgot how to do them, thought they would be fun to have just here and there.
    I love the girl you did in the
    90's, it is really fun and different. And then to make it into a stencil is really creative.
    Your busy as a little Bee, Your Mary


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