Monday, April 06, 2009

A Productive Weekend....

I had another good day on Sunday and then this morning I got up and did a couple of things. I added to the lacey picture I showed yesterday....

Last night I cut the rose stencil using a photo I took of a rose in our backyard. For some reason the color is showing much darker today.

And I had done the background of this one earlier and this morning I added the birds....

Since I didn't have any blue spray paint I had to smush the paint on through the stencil but it worked ok.

And this piece is done on a cardboard that backed some 12"x12" scrapbook paper....

The blue that is showing up is actually white in real life! And if you can't read the quote it says " the shadow lies like wine within a cup of marvelously colored gold"....I used a paint pen to write the words, then sanded them back to look old and worn. This piece has so many layers of paint!! But I like the end result.

I hope you all had a great weekend, too.


  1. Wow, Janet, you're really learning some terrific new techniques!

  2. Do you sleep...these are magical.
    Hugs, Mary

  3. Aloha Janet,
    I could just drown in a sea of colour and class here, your blog is so insightful and a visual treat!
    peace, Kai xx

  4. You are having so much fun, that it makes me smile. Good for you, Janet!

  5. You are having so much fun! Good stuff!

  6. I love all the things you are creating starting here and going back posts. Nothing thrills me more than to experiment and uses a variety of mediums and textures. I LOVE stenciling with whatever I can it!!!
    I know how joyful you are working in your studio because I am doing the same thing. I look forward to each new piece you do and wish you many more days and hours of pure creative bliss!!

  7. It has been a few days since I checked on you and boy have you been busy!!! I'm really liking all these new pieces, the colors are so vibrant. GREAT stuff.

  8. Wow! Here I am trying to do my own little blog and you have SEVERAL??? Oye I wish I had the time! Your amazing! I love your artwork! I am glad your in MA's class! I love your style!

  9. I'm comment on all 3 recent posts. I will NEVER be bored looking at all your beautiful work! Only inspired.

  10. Janet, I just got your packet yesterday! Thank you for such precious patterns, loved them all! Lucas almost went crazy as well (he's ver his mother's son...), specially the cat and the primitive ones.
    As soon as I move I'll start working with them (here I can't work with glue, varnishes or else, my inlaw is alergic to these), can't wait to start!
    I loved your beautiful card, your handwritting shows so much about you!

    Kisses and thanks again! :o)

    Love, Nydia.

  11. Beautiful art you are doing Janet. I especially love the one with the quote. I kinda like the blue with the lavender. Gorgeous! xoxoxo

  12. Hi, it's a very great blog!
    I could tell how much efforts you've taken on it.
    Keep doing!

  13. All are lovely but that third pic is my fave!


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