Saturday, April 04, 2009

Some Finished....Some Not

When March ended and my class with Kelly was over I made myself a promise that I would try to continue the page a day in my art journals. And SURPRISE! I've done it so far....of course we're only a few days into April but I've kept up.

April 1

I goofed on the letters! The "G" is in a weird angle and "R" has a corner of the stamp showing....but all in all I like this I used my word for this year.

April 2

April 3

April 4

And last night before I left the studio I cleaned and straightened everything and put some WIP on my table to remind me to finish them today....

Hopefully I'll have some of these finished to show you tomorrow. Have a great Saturday!!!


  1. This must feel so satisfying to be able to keep up with the daily pages.

  2. I admire your work, Janet, and am so impressed what you have already done this year.

    There are so many beautiful creations you have made, that I must just sit down and look, and have no interruptions from anything or anyone.

    Beautiful work, and one day you will be able to visit your ancestors.

  3. Good for you! I'm still happy with one journal page a week! Baseball this weekend and the Astros season opens Monday. Baseball keeps the Dragons out of trouble. =)

  4. You are such a good inspiration for me. I actually finished a purse and shall enter it in Gails, (mind Wide Open) challenge that starts on the 8th. Plus I made seven cards this week as I owed a lot of thank yous. So I am on a roll. LOL Sharon PS I'll post my purse on the 8th on my blog.

  5. You have really been putting out the art....I love the Journaling.
    I want to work on something besides this Teddy Bear Tea, but not yet, not done.
    I am waiting to see what you do next. Your, Mary

  6. Well, first of all, this is a comment for multiple posts -- and let me say you are a whirlwind, my dear!

    I've been pokey catching up on everyone and skipping days between return visits and I'm seeing I can't do this with you, my prolific blog buddy! Your work is absolutely beautiful and I'm loving your journal pages, cover and those stencils in the post below.

    I amazed at your productivity and also the quality. And the joy you are finding in your classes is so very contagious! Lovely!

  7. Thanks for sharing your pages! have fun with those you are working on!


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