Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sprayin' in the Wind....

Usually the early morning hours are fairly wind-free, however this morning it was quite breezy. That really plays havoc with my spray painting! I did manage to get a few pieces sprayed before it got too bad.

The day before I cut 9 or ten stencils! Mostly silhouettes of people. I'm looking for a good silhouette of a man but haven't found one yet. A good silhouette man is hard to find!!

I cut this stencil and used it a few times....

I did this same picture in pastel, blue, and lavender.

HB named this one "Leap of Faith"

These are more graphic....

I love doing these! I did several others but I don't think they're finished yet. I'll save them for later.

I hope you all celebrated Earth Day by doing something good for Mother Nature. She needs all the help she can get!!


  1. janet, your work is amazing, every one is better than the last. The gary reef piece is great.....I must get started. I am paying attention and looking at everybodys, yours is great. I need to move to California so we could make art together and I could get your motivation.

  2. Janet, I just LOVE these...I think they are my favorite of all you've done so far. I love the designs.

  3. You just get better and better! The book arrived a couple of day s ago and I finally started looking at it. I am liking it and getting some good ideas from it. the funny thing is, as far as inspiring, you are much better at it than the book is so far. Maybe I just generally like the colors you are using more than the ones in the book. In any case, you ROCK!

  4. I think you've found your bliss (wind or no wind). Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Anonymous4:56 PM

    These are so cool.
    I will email you on the wax paper stuff.

  6. Very nice! Love the touch of Lavender!

  7. Janet,
    These are really spectacular. The dancers especially speak to my heart, as I was a dancer for many years.


  8. Janet, you are such a inspiration. I love love your work. Katelen

  9. Oh I love that Leap of Faith!
    How are you cutting your stencils? Yours are so amazingly detailed!


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