Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spraying in the Sunshine....

HB worked today and when I woke up this morning shortly after 6 AM I realized the wind was not blowing!! I threw on my clothes, gathered my things and headed out to the patio for some spray paint fun.

It was a gorgeous day. I think we got into the 70's today, sunny and bright and no wind until later in the afternoon. I was in heaven!

I have an old plastic table that I'm using for my spray painting....

Doesn't the grass look great! It looked so green this morning. You can tell it's still very early because I have lots of shadows but you can get an idea of where I'm playing.

Here are some pages in my art journal....none of them are finished....just have the spray paint on them....

This was a page I didn't like so I sprayed over it and now I like how it looks.

After awhile I decided to go inside and cut some stencils. Here's a couple I did....

This was a page that I did last week and I just added the yoga pose to it today.

I love this woman....she looks very strong and confident and she was pretty easy to cut. The purple page on the left was another one I didn't like so I sprayed over it, too. Don't get in my way when I have spray paint in my hand!! I'll spray anything!

I had so much fun....I hope you all had a fun day too.


  1. Marvellous creations.

    You really have the real talent for your art.
    Enjoyed looking at your paintings.

  2. Wow!!! You are just going to town girl! I am loving the blackbird page. xoxo

  3. lol armed and dangerous with a spray can!! lol!

  4. Beautiful-glad you got a wind free morning!

  5. Wow, those pages are gorgeous. The yoga lady is really nice,and I just love the birds. Did you cut those too?

  6. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Your lawn!!! Lawn envy here.

    Your spray painting is looking really good too!!

  7. your work is so colorful and amazing! i keep meaning to get out my watercolors but something keeps holding me back...maybe inspiration will creep up on me soon!

  8. I like what your doing with spray paints. my fav is the crows stencil, but I like the bluish backgrounds too. oh and the yoga one... ok all of them. the colors are gorgeous. we had 70's yesterday - it was wonderful. your grass looks great.

  9. Janet,
    These are just great! You go girl! Did you get your yard so green with a little spray help?!!!!! ;) (I just couldn't resist.) I can't pick a favorite. I like them all.


  10. I love the colors you are using. I think spray paint is addicting. I know when I spray one thing, I suddenly want to spray everything in sight. The pages look just great, as usual!

  11. Hi Janet....oh my gosh your pages are really GORGEOUS!!!! I love them!

    I couldn't figure out how to say welcome to you on the fibre arts site.....sometimes i'm such a technophobe.

    Love, Violette
    p.s. i need to get some of that spray paint and try it on my backgrounds. Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. Love those art journal page backgrounds! I do art journaling because it makes my life feel more "real" or acknowledged somehow...I really miss it if I don't do my pages! Off to find that glue stick now!

  13. WOW.....your lawn looks so lush and green!

    LOVE the pages, as usual...the colours in the third pic down remind me of animal print. :)

  14. That looks like a lot of fun Janet!
    I love the colors and contrasting images. So how is that ABC book coming along??? LOL
    Actually, I have mine halfway done, but still have a lot to do yet.

  15. Wonderful pages. I love the crows.
    You are really forcing me to go buy spray paint....Add that to my list of I want...

  16. Wonderful colors, I have been enjoying coming here to see what is new…
    I really like the people stencils, I just may have to try this…

  17. Love the colours in these pictures. Make my eyes open wide and my mouth water :)

  18. Really fabulous! I love how Mary Ann makes it look so effortless and yours are just amazing. The stencils you cut look really fun as well. I saw the yoga girl on the blog and had to follow the link!

  19. Great to watch this new technique you're using. everything turned out so beautiful! Loved the ballet images mostly.


  20. Ahah! Now I know how you created my beautiful envelope. Gorgeous stencil work Janet. Love the photo of your table in the backyard.
    What a great place to create!


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