Thursday, April 09, 2009

Spring Fever and Flower Power

Do you all have Spring fever? Seems that several people have been experiencing that but the weather isn't co-operating in many parts of the country. HB and I went to the grocery store yesterday evening....

and the clouds looked very dark and stormy but nothing happened except the air was damp and since the wind was blowing 90 million miles an hour it felt very chilly. All in all I'll take this any day over snow! I don't have to shovel wind!!


I'm not sure where all my time went yesterday but I only did a couple of things in the studio. I did my journal page....

and then I played around with some stencils on a 12x12 canvas....

I'm calling this one Flower Power for now. I might do something different with seems to need something else but I'm not sure what. Right now I'm playing with a limited palette because I only have a few cans of spray paint. And since the aforementioned wind is a factor in spraying outside, I have to do it either in the garage or if it's just a little spritz, I sometimes do it in the studio!! I have my respirator and the ceiling fan and I usually open the window....and the only time I spray in the studio is when I just put one or two spritzs of paint on something. LuLu was in the studio with me yesterday and since I don't think they make kitty respirators I sprayed in the garage.


And finally, at someone's suggestion I wore a bib last night while watching LOST! That way when I drooled I didn't get my shirt wet! But since Sawyer and Sayid and Jin weren't featured much I was ok. What tv shows are you hooked on?


  1. Hi Janet, it's windy and cool here too, but the sun is shining so that helps.
    I think Flower Power looks good as it is, does it need anything else..?
    I'm not hooked on any one TV show, we tend to watch what appeals that evening, usually documentaries...
    boring huh!
    Have a great Easter and I hope the bunny finds you..

  2. Hey, I've been meaning to comment lately - I love the journal pages you have been doing. They are just lovely.

    Like the flower power - it is neat looking.

    Me - hooked on a tv show - of course, I am. Dancing with the Stars and Crimminal Minds...

  3. It looks absolutely perfect !!
    Beautiful work as always
    Hugs June x

  4. Janet -maybe some black writing (words) on the Flower Power pieces would finish it off.
    I don't watch a lot of TV because I keep falling asleep and miss all the exciting parts.

  5. Love the canvas. And your page (Your page reminds me of one of my Soul Collage cards!). Those stencils look great there. You're inspiring me to play more with canvas. I have some setting on my work table just asking for attention... maybe now I have some ideas.

    Happy Easter!

  6. Those clouds do look kind of foreboding, but I agree-no snow!
    I'm enjoying your journaling pages. I think Flower Power is perfect!

  7. Love the Flower Power canvas! As for TV, I don't have one though I've defeated that by having all the CSI, JAG, Friends, Northern Exposure, Sex and the City, and Boston Legal DVDs. Have a great Easter.

  8. Hey Janet!
    I'm hooked on Lost, 24, and The Amazing Race! I am loving your new creations ~ especially the Flower Power canvas. Happy Easter Blessings, Katie

  9. My TV show is Gray's A. I also American Idol. Sence I was a little girl with my Grandma, I have liked soaps. I have never been like my Mother who would stop whatever she was doing to watch them, but I like All My Children and One life to live.
    Your pages are are really good, I like Flower Power just as it is.
    Not much sun here today, we have a weather system coming up from California. We need the rain...but I do have spring fever. The last count I got for the Teddy Tea Party night was almost 200. And I would love it if I looked up and saw you there. Your, Mary

  10. Love Flower power, it reminds me of a long time ago…

    I am not really hooked on any TV show… but I am really enjoying
    American Idol. There are some very talented young people this


  11. Anonymous1:53 PM

    yeah.. and the "young" Charles Widmore wasn't bad either! ~mol

  12. Lovely work, Janet!


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