Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Morning....

First off I need to take care of something....this is a note to all my followers. I'm really bad about paying attention to the details when I'm doing a lot of art. So if you are a follower and I haven't visited your blog (and apparently there are quite a few I've missed!) please be patient with me. Just this morning I noticed the number of followers had increased by quite a bit since the last time I looked. I don't mean to ignore you!! I appreciate you, and thank you for adding your name to my blog.

This morning is beautiful....just a light breeze, blue skies, and cool. I've already been outside spraying and experimenting. HB is still sleeping. We thought this job was going to be a straight 40 hours a week....wrong! He's working four 10 hour days plus Saturdays. So he still only has Sunday off. We might go to the Poppy Festival today. If we go I'll take pictures and share.

Last week I did a few things I'm happy with. When I first started my blog I made a small collage piece that I found the other day. It was hideous!!! Shocking pink and glitter and just horrible. So I painted over it, added some cheesecloth scraps and this is what I wound up with....

I scanned this and it doesn't show the gold highlights, and it looks much duller than it is in person. It really has move vibrancy that this picture shows.

And these are some of my spray painting experiments from a few days ago.

Most of this is where I "printed" with the stencil after I used it. I liked it so I added the man's silhouette. I think it shows how busy he is....lots of stuff on his mind!

This is one where I was just testing out a couple of stencils I cut. The blue one in the middle is mostly freehand and the one in the upper right is one I cut from a picture.
That one is only a mask but I love it.

Another's ok.

I woke up one morning with this one in my head! I wish I had used different colors but I still like it.

This one is my favorite. HB likes this one, too. I thought about putting something in the middle but he thinks it would spoil it. I was thinking of a very translucent red heart....maybe not!

Ok, that's all I have for today. I spent last evening cleaning my studio. I put down clean newspapers on the work table and put everything away. That'll last about five seconds once I get in there! I have a couple of larger things I'm working on and some new stencils I've cut but I haven't used them yet. We had a great stencil class this week. I haven't been able to do anything from it but hope to get something done later today.

If anyone is interested Mary Ann is offering this stencil class again in August. I can definitely recommend it!


  1. Busy, busy, busy and everything looks great! I'm having fun just reading about you having fun! =)

  2. I really like your pages. I haven't tried the spray painting over stencils yet, but maybe it's time to try.
    You are an inspiration. Thanks

  3. I love seeing what you are trying! You're always challenging yourself and I LOVE that!

  4. I agree with Lavender Dreamer. I get inspired to move beyond my nice, comfy box. It's harder than it looks though. I did a collage last week and another today. I was happy, eventually, with how they turned out. They were Pay It Forward gifts, so I can't post them until they have been received. The layering-thing is still beyond me. I'll keep at it. I know it is a process. Thanks for showing me it can be done!

  5. you have found something fun to doen't get much better than that. I love them all.
    Happy Spring, Your Mary

  6. each time I come to visit, I find some wonderful pieces of art that you have created.. ~ your morning sounded so peaceful.

    and as to visiting.. lets just agree to try and visit when we can... as long as we don't forget each other xoxo - sometimes I think we get caught up so much in the guilt of not visiting it takes the pleasure of blogging away.

    did you get to visit the Poppy festival?

  7. I actually like the piece that you (at first) called hideous the best, but I think all these experimental works turned out well. Don't you just love trying new techniques?

  8. The stencil stuff looks awesome. I see you found a "good man" tee hee. I love that last one, just the way it is. You could always make a series of smaller ones, and add things in the middle, but I love the peaceful simplicity of this original one. So enjoyable to see all the things you are doing.

  9. Your stencil art is fabulous Janet!

  10. wonderful set....



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