Monday, May 04, 2009

Are You Bored Yet?....

All I've been doing lately is posting what I've done for the day. I hope you aren't getting bored with it. I know I haven't really done any interesting posts for quite some time but I'm so "obsessed" with art right now that it's all I think about and all I do!

Since it was Sunday and HB was home I didn't do a big art piece yesterday. I only did a small piece. Gary said we can do any size we want....even ATCs. So this one isn't very complicated but I like the texture of it. I wish I could get the colors to show like they are in real life because they're much prettier and more defined than in the scan....

May 3

And here is my journal page for yesterday....

It's a quote I found online and quite liked. I love the ocean and if I had unlimited funds I'd probably live right beside some large body of water. There's nothing more soothing than the sound of waves lapping against the shore. But if there was wind like we had today it would be a little more than lapping! We had such strong wind that a big branch broke off one of our trees in the front yard!

I hope your Monday is off to a good start....


  1. I'm not bored. I love seeing what you've done. I think you should make a book of all your art. I'd buy it!


  2. My Monday is off to a good start. I cleaned up a little where I do my journaling and started a new page and started a canvas I want to do about my kitty, Teddy. We'll see!

    PS. ... I'm not bored!

  3. Why on earth should we be bored. Doing this art is giving you great pleasure which you past to us through your blog. Go on enjoy yourself we are loving it just like you.

  4. You could never bore us! I love to see what you've been doing.

  5. I look forward to your daily artwork....


  6. Lovely work janet
    never boring

  7. Who could get bored with your stuff. It is amazing! xo

  8. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Nope. May 3rd is spectacular!!

  9. I would never be bored with your art. You are doing a great job. DId you like Gary's class, did you learn alot. I loved the last class Stencil that we did. She put so much work into it.

  10. My goodness no...more more!
    I think Tamerie is right, you should make sure that your art comes together in some way...
    I love the ocean also, it was hard to leave Southern California because we were beach kids and so was our kids. I love the air, the smell of the ocean. We lived about 3 mile from the beach as the bird fly's. the air was good.
    I am running on empty right now, I am not doing well with Arney's surgery, I just want to sleep and that is depression. But I will be fine when he is home and getting well.
    I am glad you like my silly
    News paper. And the header to, I thought it had a little something!
    Your, Mary

  11. Def. NOT bored. I like the red piece, and that is a great quote on the journal page. Blasted wind! I finally had a calm day here, light wind, cooler temp. I spent hours at my spray station and finally got several things done. I even like a few of them! Our wind is supposed to return tomorrow.

  12. No not bored..Just waiting to see what you will post next..Thank you for visiting my blog. Have a good week. Katelen

  13. Bored with your blog Janet--I don't think so.

  14. I'm not bored. And I'm VERY fond of your red piece. That's so handsome -- if those colors aren't capturing it, then the "real deal" must be amazing!

  15. NEVER EVER bored!!!!! I just don't make it by very often these days. I am always refreshed by your artwork. I love the ocean piece.


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