Sunday, May 03, 2009

Day 2 of the Art Challenge

Two days into the challenge and I'm still ok! Here's my piece for day 2....

She's not perfect but I like her. As always I'm not happy with her hand. I have so much trouble doing hands.

I started this piece with lots of paper scraps glued down to a canvas board, then began painting over it some of it is a bit wrinkled looking. I was rushing again!

One thing this challenge is doing is making me crazy!! But it's also making me think about art and what I like to do. For so long I drew ladies and then just faces and now I find that I'm not really interested in doing a lot of people. I like more abstract art and bold, rich colors. But I'm sure there are a few more faces in my future....I have a couple that are started but not finished so maybe they'll show up during this challenge.


The stencil class with Mary Ann has ended and I can say it's been one GREAT class. If anyone is interested in taking her class she will be offering it again in August. And beginning May 18 I'll be taking the Layer Love class that Julie is offering. It looks like it's going to be a lot of fun, too. Online art classes are fantastic!! I've taken several and have been happy with most of them.

Here are the first two pages of my art journal for May....

May 1

I really wasn't angry about anything. I just liked the image and she seemed to be angry so that's what I went with for the page.

May 2

This page started as something else a long time ago and I didn't like it so I recently sprayed over it with the lace. That's why you can see circles under the paint. Then I wanted to test one of my stencils so I put that on....and yesterday morning I looked at it and it just seemed to say "just going' with the flow" and that's pretty much what I've been doing.

Now I need to work on something for today!! See you all tomorrow.


  1. Good grief! Are you taking extra vitamins? I can't keep up with you! Love what you are doing!

  2. I LOVE your colourful journal pages!!

  3. That "going with the flow" page is awesome!

  4. Janet, I just love that you finding out what you want to do with your art. So much of finding out what it is you want to do is just in the doing. I see new freedom and joy in your work now.

  5. Great face and some awesome pages you have done. I agree that the class has been quite incredible...


  6. I love "Anger" and am so fascinated and awed by your daily challenge to yourself. I totally identify with your desire to paint abstracts, though it seems weird for me (and you)given our usual subjects. For me, it's a definite need. Hmmm....need to think more about that...

  7. What a beautiful, elegant face! I love your little pencil drawings, too (that you've done in the past). You are so talented!

  8. wow your pages are ALL popping Janet - so much energy here in the last few weeks!Its SO inspiring!

    ps I have trouble withhands and feet, they end up looking more like paws for me!

    those classes are really good arent they! I must look into doing some online too.


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