Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Frustration Goes in Circles....

Ok, I guess you aren't bored with me....at least the ones who commented! If you are bored and you didn't comment then I'm sorry! Ya gotta speak up!!

Yesterday I tried my best to get some spray painting done early in the morning but try as I did most everything turned out a mess. Every time I got ready to spray, the wind would blow and something would fly away, I'd lose my concentration and spray where I didn't want to spray! It was fun....NOT! I got some rather bizarre pieces out of it. Another day I'll be able to salvage them but it won't be today.

Here is my piece for the 30 day art challenge....I'm calling it Frustration!

May 4:

That's how I felt when I did this one! This was actually excess paint from something else I was trying to do. It didn't work but when I stood back and looked at this I rather liked it! It had a certain intensity that I was feeling at the time. I did most of it with an old credit card....there is a bit of stenciling along one side and the bottom....that was a mistake from another day! I just added to it when I needed someplace to put the excess paint. So there you have it. My secret! I never waste any art supplies!!

And here is my art journal page for May 4:

The quote says: "our life is an apprenticeship to the truth that around every circle another one can be drawn"....it was part of a longer quote I found online.

PS - Thanks, Julie....the tip about gloss medium worked just great!


  1. Hi Janet,
    my few pieces, were already partly done, especially the ATC backgrounds. and thr other pieces only needed finishing,
    have a fun week.

  2. I love the title "Frustration." I think I have too many things with that title, though!

  3. Iam never ever bored with you and your art. You think you had wind, we had 50 mile an hour gusts. Always happens right when the flowering trees are stating to bloom. I think those trees get frustrated too. LOL Sharon

  4. I missed your post yesterday - but not because of boredom! We had appt's all day, and the days before were busy too - haven't really gotten much computer time lately - but I can't imagine ever being bored with you! I love seeing your artwork, and reading about whatever you're up to...Hearing from you always makes me happy!

  5. When I saw your journal page, I thought of oreo cookies! I personally do not like oreos because I do not like chocolate, but that's what it reminds me of. And your "Frustration," though hard for you to do is really quite nice.

  6. I sure do like your "frustration" work. It does have intensity to it!

    And the art journal page is great. I am totally into circles lately, and love the quote!

  7. I love the circles...and understand the frustration! I'll just be happy when I can create again...create anything! lol Right now my craft supplies are what can fit in a book bag! lol

  8. The one thing I do not miss about Antelope Valley is the winds...although I do miss the sunshine.

  9. Frustration, Maybe we should start a group and send our frustration pieces to someone and then let them add their frustration and etc.. LOL..
    Because we all have those.

  10. Anonymous9:42 PM

    You're welcome!

  11. I see a CROW in that painting! I a mnever bored with what you post, girl! I love seeing what art is going on !


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