Monday, May 11, 2009

I Had A Great Day....

Hi everyone! Did you think I fell in a hole somewhere? I've just had a lot of things to do recently and then yesterday was Mother's Day. I hope you all had a beautiful day....I did. I'm not really big on holidays except Thansgiving and Christmas. I don't do a lot of celebrating, wouldn't even notice most of the holidays if not for the internet! Yesterday HB made me a yummy, huge veggie omelet for breakfast. I guess I could say brunch because it was late in the morning when we ate. He had asked me if there was anything I wanted to do, anyplace I would like to go, and I said no. As it turned out that was perfect because guess wind during most of the day! I played with my stencils and spray paints out on the patio most of the day. I heard from both of my kids and HB made dinner last night. So I had a terrific day doing just what I wanted to do....and yea!!! cooking!!!

I have to get caught up on my 30 day art challenge pictures now. Here's the one for May 8....

Nothing exciting. It's bookmark size and I was trying to get a leather look. It has about a million coats of paint on it and I'm happy with it but as I said, nothing exciting.

May 9

Again, nothing exciting. This one I was playing with paint layers and collage and added a big stamp. HB thought the areas where I used punchenella/sequin waste looked like grapes. So maybe I'll call this "A Day at the Vineyard"

May 10

I did several spray paint pieces yesterday but some of them are gifts so I can't show them. This was an experiment using that stencil I did freehand....the white one. I like this one ok.

Gary says this challenge is just to keep us doing something each day. It can be experimenting with a technique, it can be big or small....just so long as we're doing a piece of art each day. It's almost like the Creative Every Day challenge with Leah. It all helps to keep me focused on art. Creating something each day, even if it isn't very big or very good helps me to learn and grow. No one can hit a home run every time they come up to bat and I'm finally getting that! So I'm sharing all my things with you. The good and the bad.

It's beginning to warm up around here. We turned on the swamp cooler/air chiller yesterday for the first time this season. We haven't used the a/c yet and probably won't until it gets into the triple digits. I much prefer the swamp cooler because I can still have the windows open even if it is just a little bit. I don't like being closed in with a/c.

I almost forgot about my journal pages. I'll do a catch up with them tomorrow. Now go out there and make Monday a fabulous day!!!


  1. Hi Janet! :) I always love stopping in and seeing what you've worked on! Glad you had a good Mother's day too.

    I always think of you when I use my mermaid bookmark of yours! :)

  2. Happy Monday and Mother's Day!

  3. I find myself really drawn to May 10th! Very interesting and intriguing! I'm glad you had a nice day. We took a drive in the mountains!

  4. You have been busy lately, Janet. I felt very lucky to have a call from each of my children and that was super. I made 16 dozen cookies. It was a cool day and those will be infrequent from now on.

    I liked the ones you spray painted the best, those are really neat.

  5. I love the one with the blue "grapes"--so vibrant.
    I had a great day as well--phone call from each of the kids and Stephen took me out to lunch.
    What more can a girl want.

  6. It sounds like you had an absolutely perfect day with a bit of pampering and a bit of painting! Perfect!

  7. I'm glad you had a nice Mother's Day....a vegetable omelette sounds delicious for brunch! Lovely pieces of art, as always....I LOVE your bookmark! I'll look forward to seeing those journal pages.

  8. Glad you were able to do what you wanted to on Mothers Day. You are so blessed that HB likes to cook, but then you knew that! The art pages look like you have an abundace of good ideas, YEA! love to paint.

  9. Happy Mother's Day, Janet! I'm happy you had the perfect day! Keep busying your fingers in your beautiful art! :o)



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