Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm Learning....

Each day in my email I get these daily messages from Abraham-Hicks Publications. The one I got last night said something I thought was great...."The only thing that ever makes you tired or bogs you down is resistance." I'm certainly not resisting art right now! Maybe that's why I have so much energy in the studio. I spent the entire day in there yesterday. I watched videos from both the classes I'm taking, then got out my brushes and got busy. It was soooo much fun. Today has been more of the same. I have so many projects lined up that I'll have to live another 65 years to get them all finished!

Here's my art journal page for today.

May 19:

I used a picture from a children's book layered over some circles I was messing with. I think some of them are painted and maybe I used a Sharpie, and they're all layered over a spray painted background with lace as a stencil. I made the background several days ago. This was kind of a last minute page!

And here is my first attempt at Julie's technique in Layer Love class....

Sorry for the glare. It looks a lot darker than it is in person. Someone commented that it looked like "Night Fire" so that's what I'm calling it.

And here's another piece I did in Alisa's class....

I think this one is going to be "Retro Gals"....I used a stencil from Stencil Me In.

I wish you all could see my hands....well, maybe not! I've tried to wear gloves when I paint but then I take them off and forget to put them back on so I just don't even bother anymore. The only time I use gloves is when I mess with the automotive goo! Right now I'm looking at my hands and they're every color of the rainbow! It's a good thing I don't get manicures. I'd go broke paying for them!!

I hope you're all having as much fun as I am. Now if the heat would just hold off a little longer I'd be happy.


  1. Janet I love your journal pages. I know just what you mean about having enough projects to last a very long time. Everything seems to inspire me these days and once I begin to create than it lead to other projects. Your work is wonderful and so is your blog. So very nice to meet you.


  2. Janet,
    Your work is so inspiring and so good. I wish I could take that class..I love the night fire..
    Maybe one day I will have the time to take some on line classes..
    Thank you for always sharing.

  3. I have run out of nice things to say about your art so I am just sitting here smiling.

  4. You are having just to much fun!!!!
    I think you should take a picture of your hands...it would be fun, Rainbow hands! Love ya, mary

  5. Sorry I had no helpful advice the other day when you were having a hard time but I know less than nothing about it. Glad you are having such a good time with what you are doing. Art should be fun, not frustrating.I really like the layered look. Have fun.

  6. Wow, I think I will start calling you the energized bunny…
    You keep going and going….

    Love the new journal pages…


  7. Love the picture book colors!! Lovely!

  8. Everything looks great! You are having so much fun ... I'm going to go take some vitamins so I can keep up with reading what you are doing! :D :D


  9. I love....love...love the little girl! Your pages are always so different and I'm always trying to choose a favorite! Thanks for your encouragement!

  10. I, too, get the e-mails from Abraham daily. You should also sign up at tut.com to get notes from the Universe. I agree with the comment left by Doreen G, so I won't say anything else. I think you must know by now that I LOVE everything you do!

  11. ohh oh i like that title
    'night fire'
    your lesson turned out very well!
    and it photographed a lot better than mine!
    good lesson though

  12. Janet I really understand about the wind. Today was the first day in over a week where it wasn't windy. I haven't even done the first exercise in Julie's class yet. I can't get motivated. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Your journal pages look great.


  13. Anonymous11:23 PM

    OMG I love Night Fire!
    Is that the Julie Prichard class?


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