Monday, May 18, 2009

Life is Great and I'm Lovin' Every Minute of It....

It's been a couple of days since I've shown any artwork but I've been busy. Thanks for all your responses on my question. I took your advice and went directly to and found a solution. So far, so good!

As you may know today was the big day....Layer Love classes began. What you don't know is that Sunday I signed up for another class that's also running right now! HB egged me's all his fault!

So besides Layer Love I'm also taking Graffiti Chic taught by Alisa Burke. To say I'm a busy gal is definitely an understatement! I'm still doing some of Gary's Loosen Me Up stuff, plus my art journal page each day, the 30 day art challenge, Layer Love and Graffiti Chic!!! Do you think I'm crazy?? Don't answer that!!

I'll try to get caught up on what I've accomplished. Here goes.

May 16:

This is my art piece for that day....

This is another painting I did while listening to music. It looks a lot darker here than it does in real life.

May 17:

And my art piece....

Nothing special. Just another background with a stencil.

May 18:

And this is a piece I did after watching Alisa Burke's videos....

I'm calling this one "The Three Amigos"

So what have you all been up to lately? I'm sure you know I haven't been around visiting much over the past few days!! Let's see, if I give up eating and sleeping I might have time to squeeze in some blog reading!! Life is GREAT!!!!!


  1. Not crazy but driven to learn all you can and that is wonderful and a inspiration to us all.
    You have done some really beautiful art.
    I will get back into things in a few days. I need to get back in the saddle again. Right now Arney needs almost all of my attention and thats okay.
    Your, Mary

  2. I found Alisa Burke ... some good mini-classes, too. Shame on you ...finding more for me to do! Love the journal and art pieces. you are putting all your new stenciling knowledge to good use!


  3. Yes, you are crazy...but in a good way. Look how much you are producing. It all looks wonderful. I love those 3 Amigos,that graffiti background is cool. Oh and aren't those telephone lines the greatest? I finally got to spray today, even though I fought the wind and got a lot of excercise chasing things down. I may even have something to show soon. Keep posting your great stuff. Take your vitamins, who needs sleep? LOL

  4. Heavens girl when are you going to sleep--good on you because you are producing some wonderful art.

  5. You just get better and better! Nothing wrong with crazy, but from what I've seen, you aren't actually crazy, you are just really, really motivated to create!

  6. You must be full of energy.. Your art looks great..I need to start taking more classes. I need some inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  7. do you and I think alike or what. I signed up for a class by her, the 30.00 one, painting on canvas etc. Start June 1, really looking for ward to that one. Watched Julies videos today but have got down to anything yet, maybe tommorow. Have been busy creating Stencil pages. Gosh I think we need a desert island with our supplies so we have no distractions like laundry and dinner.

  8. I've just caught up on your work over the past week and WOW...the variety is wonderful and full of interest. Well done, Janet!!

  9. Am loving what you done. These are all awesome.

    An artist! you had a right choice. Well done!

  10. I love the DREAM page! You'll be proud of me...I bought a sketch pad and watercolor pencils at Michael's yesterday. Now I need to find something to copy! lol And of course...I just need to START! You have inspired me!


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