Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Long Weekend....and a Giveaway!!

In just a few days my friend Snap is having a birthday and also celebrating one year of blogging. She's doing a fantastic giveaway so you need to hurry over and participate. One of the items in the giveaway is a gorgeous bag made in Columbia. Here's what Snap had to say about it: "It is a "mochilla", a traditional bag used in Columbia and hand made by women from several villages near Proyecto Titi's field site in Santa Catalina, Columbia. The bags are made (crochet) entirely of recycled plastic bags. The production of these bags helps to reduce the amount of plastic in the local landfills and to create a sustainable local economy." You can learn all about the wonderful organization called Proyecto Titi. And you could win a great prize, too. So go on over to visit Snap and tell her I sent you.


Did you all have a good Memorial Day weekend? Ours was quiet but good. The weather was just perfect. So far it hasn't been very hot here but I know it's coming. I didn't do a lot of art over the long weekend because HB was home and we did some running around, spent some time sitting and talking (something we don't often have time to do) and just generally being lazy! We did the obligatory cookout on Monday. About the only thing I did manage to do was my journal pages and a couple of very quick pieces for the art challenge. I had new videos from Julie's Layer Love class but I haven't done them yet! Do you think my mojo is slowing down?? Here are the art journal pages I did....

May 22:

"the wind blows around inside my brain scattering my thoughts into corners where they become jumbled"

May 23:

The tree is a stencil I cut freehand. I didn't write anything on this page....couldn't think of anything!!

May 24:

This page was a real quickie! I had experimented with the scrolly stencil and the lace way back during Mary Ann's class. Then another time I had some excess paint that I smeared on the page. So it was just sitting there in my book. Then on Sunday I decided to use it as a background for my page.

May 25:

Around the urn it says "be sure to remember your loved ones and all the men and women who died for our country" This was another quick page. The background had already been painted....I think it was leftover paint from another project. Any time I have paint left when I finish something I just slap it down on a page in my art journal.

I'll catch you up on my art challenge next time.


  1. You just amaze me with those free hand stencils you cut. You should sell those. I'd buy some! Nice pages, all of them.

  2. P.S. Please put that stenciled tree in your Flickr so I can choose it as a favorite!

  3. I love your stencils and I agree with the other comment. You should sell...I am glad you had a nice weekend..

  4. Oh yeah...
    Your mojo's working baby!

  5. I love all this art! But I LOVE LOVE "think outside the box." Thanks for sharing once again!

  6. Love the page with the urn and the music. As far as your mojo slowing down, I think everyone's does in the summer time. "Summertime, and the livin' is easy..."

  7. Don't put too much thought in your mojo, Janet...let it ebb and flow.. :)

    I love that your pages are all so different.

  8. I had a quiet holiday, too...and I still haven't started my art project! I'm going to need to keep your blog up on my computer to inspire me to START! You've done some wonderful pages this week!

  9. For not doing much, you sure got a lot done! I cannot even pick a favorite anymore. I just love it all. I am glad you got to spend some quality time with your husband.

  10. More lovely pages! I particularly love that last one with the golden tones and music!

  11. You are always amazing! Your colors are always gorgeous. xoxo

  12. Aloha Janet,
    your pages just get better and better. I love the musical notes..have you done a mermaid one?
    peace, Kai

  13. Looking good! Love the tree. Thanks for helping the cotton-top tamarins!

  14. Wow, Janet, love your journal pages!

  15. We had very uneventful Memorial Day. But our neighbors had big parties. Arney wants to more or less be alone with me.
    I love #3. I keep telling myself that art is today. But with all the clean up and just doing for Arney leaves very little time for me. It will be over soon and then I will have my sinus surgery...will I ever feel like making something????
    I a wineing... Hugs, Mary

  16. Glad you had a good Memorial Day weekend and the journal pages are still coming - I like the one for May 22nd, describes me exactly:)

  17. I was most interested to hear about your giveaway. Women here in South Africa also make mats and bags from recycled plastic shopping bags and they are usually colourful and hard wearing. Thank you for your previous blog with ideas to sustain the creative juices!

  18. I always enjoy seeing your pages!
    I finally did a couple myself today.
    It is really fun!


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