Friday, May 15, 2009

Not the Mona Lisa....

After my post the other day about "wife of the year" I went upstairs to the studio and began working in my art journal. And this is what I did....

May 13:

I like how the roses are just barely visible, same with the lace on the other side. Both of them were stencils I spray painted and then I put a wash of color over them and added the legs! Now if I looked like this when HB came home that would be another story! One I might not be able to share on here!!!

And here's the one for May 14:

I've also been busy keeping up with the 30 Day Art Challenge, too! I have a couple of things to show you....

Day 13:

The piece for this day started out with Gary Reef's rust technique. I first spray painted a layer of can use acrylics too. Then a layer of varnish or some kind of sealer. When that was dry I painted on red and yellow acrylic paint....I dipped my brush in red and then in the yellow and just made wide swipes across the page. After that was completely dry I put a thin layer of the automotive goo. Several people have asked about this stuff. I use this....I bought it online.

After that dries completely I then added a layer of white paint in wide swipes. I didn't cover it completly but left spaces. After that dried I took a rag with some turpentine/white spirits and began wiping back the white paint. The white immediately turns a dirty beige color but that's ok. I kept wiping back and then I used sandpaper to really get in there and get down to the blue layer in spots. I absolutely LOVE this technique!! Then I decided to try a transfer on top. I chose to use this picture I did last year....

The transfer didn't work much at all....but I still like the rusted, peeling paint look....

If you click on the picture you might be able to see a hint of the transfer in the lower right hand area. I was only using an inkjet image and soft gel and it was an experiment. I've never done any transfers so that's something I'm going to be playing around with. I'll get some better copies and then see what happens.

Day 14:

Just playing around with colors.

Have you noticed that I seldom ever use purple or lavender in my art!! I seem to be drawn to warmer colors when it comes to art. I just bought a gallon of rust colored paint. It was on the "mistake" table at Home Depot and I got it for $5. Gary uses house paint quite a lot so I thought why not try it at that price! I also bought some white house paint. It's not like I'm going to be painting the next Mona Lisa!


  1. Oh, that first one Janet! I'm loving what you did with the legs and shoes!!


  2. thank you for a great posting!!!
    i am taking layerlove too!!!
    so i will be seeing you there

    can you blelieve monday we finally start class!

  3. I love the legs and I agree with you about the lace and the roses being barely visible. To be honest with you, I like your work better than the Mona Lisa. Have you ever seen it in person? It's about 4" square! Okay, it's bigger than that, but it is so much smaller than all of the hype around makes it seem. And you can't get close at all to really look at it. So, for me, I'd take your art work any day!

  4. I love the journal pages. I'm thinking about covering up that great zentangle!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Aloha Janet,
    giggling at the leg comment and HB. lol.
    I love the layers of colour you achieve, it's so soothing and draws the eye in..
    peace, Kai

  6. I love the first one with the legs and yellow shoes....I am not keeping up with all you do. I am not on the computer much sence I am busy with Arney.
    Good days, Good moments, but he is in alot of pain.
    I love what you are doing, it makes me want to rush out and buy a can or to of spray paint...
    I love ya! Mary

  7. You have a definite eye for legs and shoes on women. I suffered so much with wearing the flip flops the other day I'm enjoying my two miles in my shored up with orthotics sneakers now! The legs look good though!

  8. More feast for the eyes. Fabulous work on the journal pages and thanks for sharing the techniques and ideas its muchly appreciated
    Hugs June xxx

  9. I am going to try to sketch with colored pencils. I know...I keep saying I'm going to do something! lol I'm afraid to start with paint!

  10. Don't know how you are managing so many art endevors. So fun. All of my transfers are ink jet copies with soft gel. I like you result but it looks like you didn't leave it on long enough.

  11. You are something lady. Lots of good stuff. You are in your groove.

  12. Janet,
    I love the tech with the auto goo.
    I can not find that stuff here which is AL, it is hard to find anything here..LOL>
    Thanks for sharing..


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